Monday, September 7, 2009

The Unbearable Happiness IV

I hope that you have been practicing your meditation or that at least you are familiar with some sort of meditation practice because now we are going to do some practical application of that.
If by any chance you are not familiar with the practice here are the links to the meditation posts:
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So, tonight as you lay in your bed or sit in your lotus position ready for your meditation practice think about doing a little exploration into your inner happiness.

Clear up your mind.
The very act of thought cessation is a very powerful tool.
By stopping the mind’s continuous chatter we focus into the present moment.
This very act of “being” in the present is a very positive, healing experience.

Go into a contemplative mode and witness your negative emotions – this is relatively easy to do since the very powerful negative emotions have overpowering tendencies.
You will observe that these emotion appear as defined “object” like balloons floating into a room or fish swimming into a glass bowl.
You are not the “emotions” you have “emotions”

As the emotions come and go into your field of perception you will attempt to “deal” with them.
Remember if you are not proficient into your meditation you will revert to your “reasonable” state and you will snap out of the meditative state.
So do not “grab” do not “analyze” or try to understand your emotion.
When you feel a negative emotion just “wish” it away.
Say to yourself “cancel that” or simply “cancel” or “delete”
The words do not matter at this level. You have to “feel” the act of letting go of that negative emotion, feeling or memory.

Assuming that you are pretty good and can maintain the meditative state for a good period of time you will eliminate all negative emotions one by one.
At this point you will experience a state of mental and emotional blockage.
It will feel like you have a cork a lid stuck into your brain or like your brain is constipated.
It is not a bad or painful feeling, it is how lack of happiness feels like.

Remember that happiness is your natural state.
You should be happy unconditionally and the only reason you are not is because you have learned to suppress that flow of happiness.
You have plugged a cork or put a lid on the “spring”, source of happiness.
You have turned your natural state of happiness into the habit of happy less.
The joy or sorrow we confused as happiness or unhappiness are just sparks of pleasure or stabs of pain on the gray background of suppressed happiness.
That is the reason our so called “happiness” is always temporary and we need more and continuous positive stimulus to maintain it.
The only way to be really happy is to “unplug” that “cork “ and let the happiness we are flow unrestricted.

To do that we are going to use a little technique borrowed from our yogi friends.
Breath in through your nose.
Visualize the flow of air every step from your nostrils through your passages into your lungs, to your organs to the last of the cells of your body.
Oxygen is a very powerful cleaning agent.
Oxygen is rejuvenating life giving force.

Breath in that energy and focus it on your mental blockage.
Exhale through your mouth.
Keep your lips together like you are blowing out a candle and feel the pressure of the air getting out of your body.
Keep repeating this.

Done right this exercise will ease your back holding and decongestion your mind.
The happiness that you are will start manifesting itself automatically.
You will feel an unconditional and universal joy in your whole physical and spiritual being.
At first it will be small just sipping through the blockage but it will eventually burst into a luminous explosion like your whole body would light up in fire.
This is so powerful that you will snap out of your meditation and jump out of your bed.

Do not feel disappointed if you will not experience this at your first try.
To get that kind of result took me a couple years of practice and the first time it happened to me was by accident.
One night after failing on my meditation I gave up and decided to just relax and go to sleep instead.
The moment I let go and completely relaxed the dam burst and I felt that bright white explosion.
Needless to say I got so much energy in that split second, I couldn’t go to sleep till early in the morning.


Don't Feed The Pixies said...

I got home feeling really shitty last night so decided to get out my self-hypnosis/relaxation CD (for really that's all hypnosis is - just relaxation excercises)

So i started it and lay on the bed to relax - and of course my cat decided that i wasn't paying her enough attention and proceeded to climb all over my meowing loudly.

Do you think Buddha ever had this problem? Would he still have been so serene if his meditations had been interfered with by his pet gerbil?

I got my own back though - because she crept under the covers when i was fast asleep last night and i accidentally kicked her when i got up. Doubt it's done much good for my karma!

Buddha said...

@ Pixie – You don’t work out only when you have a stiff neck and you don’t eat healthy just when you have gained some weight…
I guess what I am trying to say is that mental health and fitness is as important as physical health and although very few people think and practice a healthy attitude we all expect that “hypnosis” tape to work like magic when we need it.
No, Buddha wouldn’t have kicked his cat or his pet rock…
I think you are taking your frustration on the poor cat.

Scruffy said...

What do you think about taking magic mushrooms while meditating?

Buddha said...

@ Scruffy - Why ruin the shrooms with the meditation?
Try Pink Floyd or Mozart instead :)

scruffy said...

Mozart huh? I love you BOH :)

Ted Bagley said...

Or Pink Floyd with the Wizard of Oz!

Buddha said...

@ Scruffy - I love you too! - in a buddhist way of course :)

@ Ted - Any of the early Pink Floyd will do :)