Monday, September 28, 2009

Beyond the "Secret" II

“The whole secret of existence is to have no fear.
Never fear what will become of you, depend on no one.
Only the moment you reject all help are you freed.”

The latest incarnation and bastardisation of the law of attraction is“THE SECRET” craze.
This fad sweeping the nation is promising a Ferrari car in every garage if you buy “the secret” for $79.95.
Note: Even if they call themselves the masters of the secret they are still making money from selling you BS for $79.95 rather than by using their own “secret” :)

So what is this secret they are selling?
It is a scam, much like the people selling you the how to buy real estate for $100 dollars or any other get rich quick scams.
It simply teaches you that you can have anything you desire if you wish for it.
(That would explain all the poverty, the suffering and sickness in the world:
Nobody wants want to be rich, happy or healthy.)
Of course if you don’t get it, it is because you don’t wish hard enough.

So let’s see how this works:
You just got dumped by your girlfriend or boy friend or both, whatever the case may be, and would like to meet that perfect “one” for you, whatever she, he, it might be.
Great! All you have to do is wish for it and it would be delivered to your step door.
You start visualizing her, felling her, hearing her, touching her making love to her and you do that believing it as hard your heart can believe.

You do that for a while and nobody shows at your door, so you decide to go in the “real” world to see if “the secret” has made you a magnet for hot dates.
You will discover that it didn’t.
You will discover that the harder you wish for this ideal somebody, the more rejected you will be by everybody else.
You will discover that the more desperate you get the more chances you have to be rejected and abused.
You will soon figure out that “the secret” is working against you.

I choose this example because everybody at one time or another has experienced something similar, so it will be a got starting point for our analysis.
What’s going on? Why is “the secret” not working?
You will be surprised but the answer is:
“The secret” or better said “the law of attraction” is working perfectly the way it is supposed to work!

You are “broadcasting” “projecting” into the world, the universe, the image of a person hurting and lonely.
An image of low self esteem and low confidence.
You are projecting into the universe need and spiritual poverty therefore you are going to get back rejection and abuse.
That is the way the law of attraction woks.
Everybody knows that the only way to get that special one is to be self confident, secure, loving and happy.
You project love into the universe and the universe will respond with love.
That is the law. That is the real secret.

So you can forget about the brand new Ferrari showing up in your drive way and the only way Angelina Jolie will sleep with you is if you can convince the universe that you are a better man than Brad Pitt.
Well, actually at that point you will get a brand new Ferrari as well :)

So “the secret” is that some unscrupulous people are making a lot of money from a lot of credulous people that believe in getting something for nothing.

There are ways of making money in real estate – it is called; get your real-estate license and work your butt off in the field until the opportunities to riches will open up to you.
There are ways of making the universe respond to your “wishes” – it is called; become a better person worthy of the love of the universe and the universe will show its gratitude.

But of course that involves a lot of work and who as time for becoming a better person when you can “trick” the universe for $79.95!


Talon said...

People always want the genie in the bottle. Sad, but true.

Buddha said...

I explore the internet community and I am amazed at how many people are "playing" with things beyond their understanding, like kids playing with fire.
Yes the promise of the "genie" is very tempting, until the "genie" is out of the bottle and out of control...
A little knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge at all.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

An interesting and very timely post because it was reported in the news recently that (TV gameshow host) Noel Edmunds - who believes in Cosmic Ordering (if you put your request to the universe it will be answered) - has recently set up a text messaging service to allow people to send their prayers to the cosmos.


Wasn't aware the cosmos had a mobile phone, pretty sure that that's not the way karma or prayer works and have a fairly shrewd idea that the cosmos will be getting none of the profits.

No doubt people will still fall for it

Ted Bagley said...

Hey, someone said the same kinda stuff in early China and called it Buddha Nature

Anonymous said...

Well, if only it was that easy and that cheap!!! I'm always amazed at the numbers of desperate folk who believe it and go for it ... are they eternal optimists? Doing it "just in case" ???
I can visualise what I would do with the lottery money too ... but somehow it never ends up in my bank account ... which is a real problem as I've spent at least half of it already!!! :)

Buddha said...

@ Pixie – LOL! Coming next: - Jesus on Tweeter!

@ Ted – Every civilization had it ;)

@ Aggie – Have you ever wonder why some people win the lottery:
Is it a gift from God or a punishment?

Ted Bagley said...

Ain't it so. And there were those in every civilization wanted an easy way out. ;)

Buddha said...

@ Ted - It goes hand in hand :)

Lydia said...

This is great. I was never very curious about this book. It seems kinda goofy to me, and just the slightest bit scary!