Monday, April 22, 2013


I am…
Who is this “I” you are talking about when you say “I am”?

Is “I” just a name, a label attached to your body?
Then choosing a different label would you be a different “I”?
Is the “I” the role you are playing. Your social, political, economic, religious role?
And would “I” disappear when your role ends.
When you reach retirement or change your social status?
Is “I” the body, the assemblage of organs inside the cover of your skin?
And then losing a part of it your body, a limb or more, would you be a lesser “I”?
Is “I” the endless stream of thoughts running through your head?
(“I think, therefore I am” seems to be the ultimate expression of the human Ego.)
What would happen if you would stop thinking for a moment.
Would “I” stop to exist ?

I believe in one God, creator of heaven and earth.
I believe in one intelligent reality of which I am part of.
I am the expression, the creation and the experience of God in this world.
I am the extension, the manifestation and the materialization of the divine.
I am therefore I think.