Friday, July 16, 2010

Things you should teach your children

Live fully every moment. Enjoy every day of your life. Once they pass they never come back.
Success is not measured in money, power or fame. The true measure of your success in any endeavor or relationship is your happiness.
Banks and credit cards are not in the business to help you. Banks and creditors are in the business to make a profit out of you.
It is better to have an intelligent enemy than a stupid friend.
The friends you have are more important to your success in life than money or education.
Withholding love does not protect you from pain, it just isolate you from happiness.
Forgiveness frees the one that forgives not the one that is forgiven.
In a bad relationship there are no winners and losers. In a bad relationship there are only losers.
If you live like a hero or like a coward, if you succeed or fail, in the end we all die
And the most important thing you should tell your children: