Friday, January 31, 2014


You are reading my blog, (BTW, thank you for taking your time to read my random ramblings)
Your experience at this moment is nothing more than a storm of electrical pulses happening in your head. But all your other experiences are just the same. If you were instead dreaming of reading my blog, the electrical storm in your head would be exactly the same.
So what makes one experience real and what makes the other experience a dream?
The “reality” of our experiences seems to be just an extension of the “reality” of the outside world, in other words your present experience of reading this blog is real, because you are reading a “real” blog on a “real” computer in the “real” world, as opposed to a dream experience where you would read a “dream” blog on a “dream” computer in the “dream” realm.
But what makes the “real” real?
As the scientific enquiry in the nature of nature gets deeper and deeper into the fabric of “reality” some very interesting facts are worth noticing:
The material world is not as material as first thought. Everything around us are nothing but structures.
A car is made of parts, assemblies and components that build on top of each other. But the basic parts of the car are also just structures of atoms which in turn are structures of the subatomic particles.
You are just an assembly of organs, which in turns are made of cells that are made of molecules, made of atoms, made of subatomic particles. The whole reality surrounding us is just structure on top of structure on top of structure , and since all this structures are interacting and constantly changing we can say that reality is nothing more than information.
The scientific world is deeply divided between the “materialists” which basically believe there is a material basis for everything that exists. The so called “God” particle, the infamous Highs boson which is supposed to be what makes everything material, concrete and the “idealists” which believe there is no materiality to the reality, that the world we live in is a “virtual” world, nothing more than information.
We are not going to debate which side is right and which is wrong (I do not have that kind of scientific background) but instead we will follow both paths and see where it would lead us.
Obviously if the world we live in is not material, then we are living in a virtual world. Everything in the universe is data, structure, information and intelligence. You and your personal experience are just an extension and manifestation of this universal intelligence. Dreams are as real as everything we experience. Reality does not exist, reality is just an experience in your head, just another dream and you are the dreamer the “actor” in the universal drama we call reality. You are what is happening.
On the other hand if this world is a material world determined not by our experience but by indisputable laws of physics. Everything else is determined by the materiality of reality. In other words your dreams are not really dreams since they are pre determined like every other thought and action in the universe.
Dreams do not exist, as well as free will does not exist. You and everything else are just little wheels in the gigantic machinery which is the material universe. You have no dreams, ideas, or actions. It all happens to you, you are a “spectator” not an “actor” in the universal drama we call reality.

Monday, January 27, 2014


I guess I am one of the lucky guys that dream in vivid colors and 5.1 surround sound.
My dreams are not only high tech but also very detailed and complex.
But I’m not here to talk about my dreams, at least not today.
Today I want to talk about something else with my dreaming experience as a starting point.
I made a very interesting observation while in my dreaming state. My dreams always start as reality, in the sense that I am not aware that I am dreaming.
As the dream progresses I start noticing that not all things seem to be normal. The story turns “too god to be true” “too bad to be true” or “to unbelievable to be believable” It is at this point that I realize that I am dreaming and it is at this point that I usually wake up.
Can you wake up if you do not realize that you are dreaming?
I guess you can. You always wake up in the morning even if you didn’t realize you were dreaming.
But that is not my point.:
What if life was a dream. Can you wake up without realizing that you are dreaming?
To go from one mind state “awaken” to another state of mind “dreaming” both state of minds wave to exist. You can only go from one to the other. You can’t awaken if you are awaken and you can’t dream if you are dreaming. Of course you can argue that in a dream you can dream that you are dreaming but a dream in a dream is still a dream. If you are dreaming that you are dreaming you are not changing your state of mind and of course what I am trying to debate here is: Can you change your state of mind if you do not realize the state of mind you are in?
In other words is enlightenment possible if you believe the state of mind you are in is your reality. To go from a state of mind “the one you are in” to a different state of mind “enlightenment” both states have to exist otherwise enlightenment wouldn’t be possible.
But can you do that switch when you believe that “THIS” the present moment is real?