Friday, September 18, 2009

Does that makes me crazy?

God gave us wings and reason chopped them off.
Sanity is the chain and ball that keeps us tied to the ground.
But deep inside we all dream to fly.

We all have flirted with insanity one time or another in our life.
What else is our experimenting with drugs, alcohol or transcendental meditation?
How else would you explain our fascination with getting high?
What do we do it for?
What other reason but to leave reason behind.
To escape the sanity of the mundane and go out of our minds.

Sitting on the razor’s edge.
Contemplating the abyss.
Flirting with the possibility…
Time for another feel good fix.

The problem with the feel good pill and other chemical “enhancers” is that after the effect wears off you find yourself back to the reality you were trying to escape.
Same world, same problems, same prison of reason.
The problem with the “good pill” is that it doesn’t get you out of the hole.
It digs you deeper and deeper…

So after every feel good trip, same question persist:
How would it be to leave reason behind, to never come back?

Imagine you are really, really high at this moment.
So high you are out of your mind.
Leave reason behind for a moment and escape reality.
Get away from yourself and the world for a moment.
It is not a bad feeling, isn’t it?

A good meditation, is far better than any drug and a thousand time safer.
But the problem with spiritual journey out of your mind is that unlike the good pill where the effect wears out, the spiritual trip doesn’t end abruptly it lingers on.
It creeps into the “regular” life.
It starts challenging your sanity, your accepted social values and order.
(Which is not a bad thing for you but poses serious problems for the people around you.
Especially your family.)

So you don’t have much of a choice but to pretend you are normal, just like all the other people pretending to be normal just like you.

Time for another antidepressant pill.
The acceptable alternative to spirituality.
(Trust me I have had people looking at me funny for being a Buddhist, but taking antidepressants is like a badge of honor – you are living in the fast lane, you have made it!)
The question I would like to ask the “doctor feel good” is:
Is this happy pill supposed to preserve my sanity or to take me away from it?


Scruffy said...

I love ripping the bong. So many good memories. One time I was playing good billiards with a couple friends even. Most of the time, however, I end up just laughing my ass off like a wild monkey and joking about things that I look at. Usually I hear something completely out of context or something, it sounds like funny sound effects, there's nothing funnier than sound effects unrelated to their sources, kind of like a "whoomp" noise but your mind connects it to what you're looking at instead of the door being slammed shut, so your dog makes a funny noise. Sometimes I get the feeling of weightlessness, like I'm light as the air I breath, this feeling needn't be vertical however, it can be due to any acceleration (horizontal even) as felt from being in a car or bus, it feels like a roller coaster if the car or bus is being driven in an unexpected direction (perhaps changing lanes, etc).

Sometimes listening to music you hear lyrics that your mind draws new levels of meaning to, when the lyrics are gibberish when you're not high. I assume that's because the song was written by somebody in the high state of mind. Anyhow, keep on truckin'.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

I guess that's what i love about painting, writing and cycling - when its going really well you reach a place that's somehow outside yourself: focussing entirely on one task with the natural high.

I think we were meant to experience extremes from time to time - if you had to be completely sane the whole time then you would go

I really must try meditation some time - i did a self-hypnosis day a while ago and think i would definately benefit

Talon said...

I often wonder why we feel such an entitlement to happiness...which is such a transitory state. Without the lows, would our highs be as high (and this is without the drug-induced highs).

An intelligent person would have to reason that to sustain "happiness" you have to be oblivious and so I guess some choose to attain the oblivion through different measures. But IS it sustainable? And what is the cost?

Quantum_Flux said...

I've always thought of happiness as an emotional response to progress and achievement. Getting wasted is for an occasion of celebration, if you're getting wasted too often then it just cheapens the affect of the self-reward that is deserved. Getting wasted/laid often is perfectly alright if you have low goals in life, but it just doesn't quite cut it for a perfectionist though.