Saturday, September 26, 2009

Beyond the "Secret" I

The universe as we know it is not an accident.
There are physical laws, such as the law of conservation of mass and energy or the laws of thermodynamics just to name a few, that govern every aspect of the physical existence.
The fact that waters flows following the path of less resistance is not an accident.
Every physical phenomenon in nature occurs with absolute efficiency.
Nothing is lost. All transforms from one form to another. It is the law.

As part of the physical universe, life is not an accident either.
I know I am ruffling some scientific feathers here with my statement but if we are part of this universe we should be subject to the same laws as the rest of the inanimate matter.
So life as well, has a set of laws that governs it as well.
(Granted science has paid very little attention to them.)

The laws governing life are in many ways similar or part of the physical laws but at the same time there are major differences, such as the free will interaction.
If you look at the law of conservation of mass and energy and its corollary - that all processes are done with absolute efficiency - we can see a similar law governing the live systems.
All live systems have a tendency to “optimal” performance.

I don’t know if I read that some where or I just made it up but the point remains the same.
Life is not accidental, a chaotic, lawless, everything goes happening.
Life is a constant process of “optimization”
Evolution is not something that is happening to an organism or live system.
Evolution is a result of life and its laws.

Just take a look at any natural ecosystem and you can see that law of “optimization” at work.
Everything into an ecosystem works in harmony and synchronicity.
All components of the system complement each other.
The system “rewards” the members that benefit the community and “punish” the ones that abuse the system.

That law of optimal performance defines not only ecosystems but everything that is alive, from cells to animals, from human beings to human societies.

Through out the human history we have been noticing this law at work.
References to it in various forms are present in every human civilization from the Native American people where the philosophy of living in “harmony” with the environment formed basis of their spirituality and culture.
To the people of far East, that have known it as the “Karmic” law.
To the Christian bible: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
To the modern day spiritual movement where we have come to know it as “the golden rule” or “the law of attraction”


dirtclustit said...

right right right

And when mistakes are made doing what you can to right the wrong. If they are willing to accept the attempts.

I could see where someone who was wronged may get a little bit ruffled.

you have an excellent take on the functions and intersystems of karma.

Quantum_Flux said...

Oh wow, where to begin with this one. Optimization isn't the same as maximum efficiency, if all processes were of maximum efficiency then the universe wouldn't have banged in the first place, nor am I sure what exactly an optimal big bang means either but I'm pretty sure it probably wasn't very optimal (for what parameters were optimized?).

From what we see when we look out into the vast universe, life is a very extremely rare case as far as we know, and hence I wouldn't even consider this universe to be optimal from a chemical perspective, at least for carbon based life forms like us to exist. Much more optimal is for robots to exist, which very much seems to be what we sub-optimal carbon based life forms are all eventualy evolving into. Robots don't have a "golden" rule, they in fact have an optimal rule though (to achieve optimal energy and ecconomic efficiencies), plus a robot never needs to die either.

Talon said...

Interesting post, Buddha. I tend to think of it as the strongest surviving.

It's interesting that humans tend to take over and impart their will on nature disrespecting and disregarding natural laws.

Quantum_Flux said...

What natural laws are we disrespecting?

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

There's a tendency for humans to think we're the greatest because we invented wars, vehicles and buildings - but i heard somewhere the dolphins think they're greatest for exactly the same reasons!

I take your point that everything is influenced by everything else - essentially chaos theory - perhaps if there is a pattern it's too intricate to be seen?

Ted Bagley said...

Could be that there is no pattern and that's why there must be a pattern.

Scruffy said...

Gods have no patterns, gods are magical instead of mechanical, the fact that the universe holds patterns proves there are no gods.

Buddha said...

@ dirtclustit – Welcome to our little discussion group!
Feel free to express your ideas and opinions.
We are all here to learn and grow.

@ Quantum – I knew you gonna say that :)
Of course I am just speculating here in the hope to get a better understanding of reality.
Very interesting point about the silicone based intelligence.
Maybe that’s our purpose – to create the next “optimal” existence?

@ Talon – We are very unique and puzzling beings.
I can’t say I understand either why we are doing the stupid things we are doing.
Maybe we are not intelligent beings after all?

@ Pixie – We do not have to see all the details or understand everything.
If we could understand the general rules and apply and respect them we could have a better society – IMO

@ Ted – You are just continuing the same old pattern, Ted.
When will you join me?

@ Scruffy – Good point Scruffy!
But let me ask you this:
Does God have a direction, a purpose for his magic?

Ted Bagley said...

Wait tables in Hollywood?