Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Successful Dreamer

It seems to me that the world is getting increasingly biased, split, separated in two:
On one side there are the “practical” people that believe dreaming is a foolish waste of time.
(Watch out they are taking over the world!)
On the other side there are the “dreamers”, the idealists that believe it is better to be pulled by your dreams than to be pushed by your bills.

In this dichotomy I am feeling like an odd bird because I believe in the practical dreamer, the “successful dreamer” as I call it.
Let me put it this way:
Not all dreamers are successful people but all successful people are great dreamers :)
My quest has always been to empower the dreamer, to turn the dreams into reality.

Here is where the living in the “now” doctrine comes in.
Look at yourself as a construct in time.
See yourself as a tree.
Your roots are stuck in the past from which you draw up your wisdom and experience.
The future is the crown of the tree where inspiration and imagination are assimilated from the universe, like the light energy is gathered from the sun.

Between your past and your future, between your memories and your dreams there is the trunk of the tree, the moment of now.
The trunk of the tree it doesn’t look like much – and I understand why dreamers get stuck in the past or the future but you see, the moment of now is the key of turning your dreams into accomplishments.

Without the moment of now you can not turn your dreams into visions.
Without the moment of now you can not turn your experience into an action plans.
Living in the “now” means bringing your future and your past together into action.
The moment of now makes you a whole being.

Acting in the moment of now, as boring and hard it might seem is the only way to grow.
If you understand this concept of being a construct in time and the power of “now” you are ready to become a “successful dreamer”
All you have to do is start accomplishing things.
And that is the easiest part to do!!!

Just in case you don’t know how to accomplish the things you want, here is a short reminder:
(just click on this link :)How to accomplish more


Aggie said...

Sounds like the best middle ground between the two to me. I think without our dreams we fade fast.

Ted Bagley said...

Yes, and it starts all over again?

YogaforCynics said...

"The practical dreamer"...that's certainly what I try to be, as well...though it seems like kind of a razor's edge at times...

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

OK: on a spurious note first (so apologies in advance)- there are two types of people in the world: those who can be bothered to act and those oh sod it.

Right: serious now: the analogy i like most for the two-types-of-people is that people either have straight or fluffy minds: a fluffy mind would dream up a catapult, a straight mind would ask "how can i use it as a weapon?"

Of course - with every action comes repercussions: so although we can live in the now we still have to think about how the echoes of our footsteps affect our future - sort of like the Ray Bradbury story about the dinosaurs and the moth (if you don't know it let me know)

Buddha said...

@ Aggie – Well, that is what Buddhism is – the middle way :)

@ Ted – Yup! What else can we do?

@ YogaforCynics – If we wouldn’t make it hard, it would be too easy – wouldn’t it?

@ Pixie – You don’t have to apologize for your opinions.
Not here, and not on any other blog.
Because you don’t have to apologize for who you are.
This blog is open to all people, and all ideas.
All I ask is respect and civility towards each other :)
And no, I don’t know the story…

G. said...

I'd like to think that you need a few dreams to fuel being "practical" for a prolonged period.

I wonder if not acting in the now is really procrastination, or something deeper than that. Sometimes I wonder if I'm almost afraid of a dream coming to reality because it wouldn't be as perfect as it was in my head. Maybe even being afraid of happiness; without the conflict, what is left to do? But obviously that's a bit of an extreme; conflict is intertwined with life.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Hi buddha - the story is about a time traveller/agency that have set up the opportunity for people to go back and hunt dinosaurs...but to avoid disturbing the causality of time you have to remain on the special platform at all times and only shoot the dinosaur that was going to die anyway...

But in the story the hunter gets over-excited and steps off the platform into the grass and crushes a butterfly: thus changing the whole of history by his actions so he arrives back to a completely different world

Jamain M. said...

Superb. Nothing but the truth. Yesterday is all we have to learn from, tomorrow is all we have to dream about and taday is all we have to utilize both.

@G. Without conflict what is left to do is live a life without conflict. We lack so that we can more fully appreciate the times when we have. What we call "bad" exists so that we can more fully appreciate what we call "good", but it isn't a necessity. There is beauty without makeup and there is love without pain.