Friday, June 5, 2009

Gratitude: The great attitude

All things start with a thought.
Our thoughts and the thoughts of the people around us turn into actions.
And our actions turn into lives.

Have you ever received a thank you note for a job well done, a favor or a good deed?
How did it make you feel?
Did it make you feel good about yourself?
Did it make you feel doing more good?
Yup, gratitude makes us loving as ingratitude makes us hateful.

Do you see what’s going on when you are grateful?
Gratitude connects us in a special way.
Gratitude is the link that completes the circle of universal consciousness.
Gratitude or ingratitude is the feedback you give to the universe.

By practicing gratitude you are manifesting your spiritual power.
By practicing gratitude you invoke the infinite potentiality of life.
You are casting away the darkness and invoke the light; in you and the people around you.
Your life is defined by your attitude to gratitude!

Too many times we forget to give thanks, to appreciate, to reward and to cultivate the light in our lives.
Too many times we focus on fighting the negativity of life and take for granted the people that make our life bearable.
Too many times we neglect giving our gratitude to the people we love the most.

So why don’t you take it upon yourself to give a little extra gratitude to that special one in your life?
Buy them a bouquet of flowers and just say “This is for you my love!”
They will be taken by surprise and ask “What for?”
“For all the times I have forgot to be grateful to you.”

Why don’t you do something special for them?
A nice diner, tickets to a show they love or take them on a weekend excursion.
I know times are hard and money might be tight. But that is an even greater reason to show your gratitude.
Be creative. And NO sex is not a favor unless you are a girl :)

And since you are in that gratitude mood why don’t you do something for the other people around you.
Buy a box of doughnuts and take it at work tomorrow morning.
Put a note on the box “In gratitude for all your help.” Or something nice like that.
Or maybe just send a nice thank you email with a nice greeting card to all the people you know to tell them:
“I’ve been meaning to show you my gratitude for being my friend”

And let’s not forget the most important person in your life.
Why don’t you treat yourself to a little gratitude ;)
Dress up a notch for a change. Take yourself to a nice dinner. Dress up!
Go to a museum, a concert, a theater or even a comedy club.
No, nudie bars – or any bars - are not a showing of gratitude!

(I do this silly thing for myself - I wear cologne. It makes me feel good about myself.
I love expensive cologne but I never wear them because in USA that is kind of gay.
But now I am too old and I really don’t care what other people think – well I do, but it doesn’t bother me anymore :)

I know you might be single and lonely but that is no reason not to feel great about yourself.
After all, if you don’t show gratitude to yourself how do you expect anybody else to do it?

And last but not least:
Let me express my gratitude to all my cyber friends out there on the internet.
Thank you for your support, your comments and your friendship.


Don't Feed The Pixies said...

I agree! There's the old saying that a satisfied customer will tell 3-4 people, where a dissatisfied one will tell 40 and the same goes for relationships - we need to let people know when we are grateful.

But it doesn't have to be big gestures - its the little things that count. Like when i know that my partner has had a long day so i make her a meal i know she will really like.

Damien said...

You can never lose if you practice gratitude. When I wake up I can be grumpy by nature or thankful by choice. By keeping an "attitude of gratitude" I open my mind to the possibilities of my day.

What a great reminder ... thank you BoH! If we meet in person someday though, please wear cologne and not perfume LOL. You are great, I'm just kidding you.

YogaforCynics said...

Beautiful...thank you, as well!

Talon said...

If I'm breathing, I'm grateful ;)

Thank YOU, Buddha of Hollywood.

Aggie said...

Great thoughts and a good, timely reminder. Thank you for sharing with us.

Buddha said...

@ Pixie – I did not know that!
That means we should be grateful 10 times more to keep the balance.
Doesn’t it?

@ Anonymous – Thank you for the kind comment and for spreading the word!

@Damien – LOL that is funny and I didn’t even notice it :)
I’m happy you enjoyed the post.
And thank you for all your help my friend!

@ YogaforCynics – Your blog has been a source of inspiration for me.
So I am grateful I’ve met you!

@ Talon – And thank you for being such a great friend!

@ Aggie – Actually they are old thoughts with a modern presentation and a personal twist :)
I don’t deserve the credit for such wisdom :)

Ted Bagley said...

What pulls me through tough times is asking myself what is there not to be grateful for. When I really can't think of anything I don't have to think about being grateful if that's all there is. Kinda like feeding a monkey. Hard to do without it getting the wrong impression. ;)

Argent said...

Many thanks for this. It's so easy to forget those 2 little words. Gratitude is infectious as well : when I get off the bus I always thank the driver (I wouldn't have his job for the world) and I find people behind me also thank him where the ones ahead of me didn't.

Danica Patrick Milk Mustache said...

Danica Patrick's milk mustache is awesome!