Monday, June 22, 2009

The game of Life

Do you play chess?
I do and I like it a lot.
If you can’t relate to chess maybe you play something else:
Bridge, poker, tennis, golf, bowling, pool…
If you don’t play anything, you really need to get a life :)

Playing is part of life.
Actually being an adult is being a child with real toys.
If you think the whole life “thing” is serious you need to lighten up.
Life is short and then you die!
So, you better learn to enjoy it – fast!

But I digress.
So when you play a game, you like to win - right?
Not quite for me!
See, if I play chess with a really bad player and I kick his ass every game I don’t like it.
I like an opponent that wins from time to time :)
So it is not the wining that really maters, is it?

What about loosing a game?
Well, if I get an opponent that beats the crap out of me I don’t like it either :)
But if I loose from time to time, it actually makes me feel good.
It makes my victories so much more worth it!
It gives me respect for my opponent and actually some how I even enjoy his victory.
How strange is that?

I’ve been writing for a while now about living in the moment, about taking action, about turning dreams into reality and I miss this little point:
It is not the winning or the loosing that matters in life.
What matters is to be in the game of life, not on the side bench.
What is really important is to enjoy life.

What ever you are doing if you are not enjoying yourself you are doing it all wrong!


Don't Feed The Pixies said...

i remember playing "The Game Of Life" - it was all about you had to pick up cards like getting married, having kids etc

Very conformist

I think when you forget how to play then you just might as well be dead - but i'd prefer almost anything to that particular board game

Talon said...

About 75 percent of the time I'm doing something I like and that makes my life a very satisfying game.

Vando said...

Interesting, it's kind of like the saying "you can't know joy without sorrow". Or every loss in life is only preparing you for an eventual win, because without the experience of losing you'll never know when you have won. Very optimistic i like it, thank you that's what i needed to hear today.

Diego said...

I suddenly remembered a line from Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles spoken by the character Mongo..."Mongo only pawn in game of life..." Maybe it was the chess reference???

Buddha said...

@ Pixie – I actually didn’t know the game even existed until I googled for a picture for my post :)

@ Talon – 75% Wow!
You are good.

@ Vando – Very nice comment.
You hit the nail in the head – so too speak.

@ Diego – One of my favorite movies – I have to rent it again.