Monday, June 8, 2009

The imperfection of perfection

- Do you think I should get breast implants? – She asked me.
- Do you think a perfect silicone rose is more beautiful than a wild desert rose? - I replied.
- No… but most men love women with large breasts.
- And would you marry or even date a man that likes you for your large implants?
- No, but that would make me feel good about myself. Would make me feel prettier…

...Imagine you could live in a perfect world.
A world where all women would have the same perfect tits and same perfect lips.
We would all be the exact perfect clones of the perfect man.
A man of perfect height, perfect muscle tone, perfect hair, perfect blue eyes and perfect skin color
– It already sounds like Hitler’s paradise – doesn’t it?

Imagine we all lived in the same perfect house and drive all the same perfect car.
The weather would be the same every day – perfect.
We would all have perfect marriages and perfect kids that did only perfect things.
We would all live the same perfect life and die the same perfect death.

(I hope this feels as creepy to you as it feels to me :)

Or maybe, imagine an extraterrestrial expedition coming to Earth and looking at us.
Would they have an Extraterrestrial edition of Vogue to compare us with all the other beings in the universe and say:
- Look at those awful looking creatures – no one race of green humans - only ugly shades of brown!
Or this:
Do animals look at each other and say:
- My God she’s got a big ass! - Or:
- Look at that zebra – her stripes are so not symmetrical LOL!

So, did God made a mistake creating an imperfect word and is expecting us to fix it up?
Or, God indeed created a perfect word and we are screwing it up?
If God – or natural selection and evolution if you prefer the long name – intended the world to be perfect he or it would make the world perfect. – Don’t you think?

I think so too.
I think petite or bountiful breasts are perfect.
I believe you can be a perfect small person or a perfect tall person, a perfect. handicapped person or a perfect autistic person.
Perfect isn’t to be somebody's else perfection, but to be perfect who you are.


At least that is what I believe :)

Be perfect, be loved!


Don't Feed The Pixies said...

What i love about this blog is that it always gets me thinking - although sitting here in this boring shitty dead end mind numbing job that's not always a good thing!

What's interesting to me is the woman saying "it would make me feel more attractive" and i think there's a lot in that sentence about the place and stress of conformity in the modern world - what is it about the way we present ourselves that means that women feel they have to be size zero with huge tits to be attractive?

As you say = true beauty comes from within. Simon Cowell (whose had Botox and admits it) may look young - but can barely show emotion on his face as a result. Not the way i want to go...

But then i've got this painting in the loft...

This Brazen Teacher said...

There's this Twilight Zone episode where this really shitty guy dies... and ends up crossing into a realm where EVERYTHING is perfect. Everyone is attractive, and perfectly nice, and he gets everything he could ever want each passing moment in this new place. He thinks: "This is great! I'm in heaven!"

As the episode progresses, the 'perfection' starts to wear on him. He begins to get annoyed, and eventually it is driving him insane. He can't take it anymore and out of desperation pleas with some others around him: "I didn't think heaven would be like this!" And then the other guy grows a tail and horns and says "Who said this was heaven?"

lol. I love it! Good post Buddha. Love you too :-)

Joe Clement said...

"Be perfect, be loved"

Ahh, the beloved's curse is to fall into the trap of another's fantasy, which they do not complete so much as fill in and render inert. To be perfect is a curse, as Narcissus so clearly shows us. The only response we have to the beloved in their perfect-imperfection is to interrogate and tear through them for that "not it" that bugs us, that secret of themselves they do not yield, turn them inside-out looking for it. Rending them asunder, between who they are for US and for THEMselves, we believe our pain and joy are hidden, and in the process construct inside and outside.

There is no perfection or imperfection, no secret and "no truth of suffering, of the cause of suffering,
of the cessation of suffering, nor of the path. There is no wisdom, and there is no attainment whatsoever." The Big Other does not exist. The Buddha's tongue did not move once in the 45 years of his teaching.

This superego-injunction, this categorical imperative to be perfect or imperfect is not what the Buddha taught.

Miss Pidgin said...


I love it...My brain or what is left of it just doing crazy stuff. ;)

You have something on my site com'n in and pick it up :)

Talon said...

I always think that it's the quirks, the perceived flaws that make us exquisite. Perfection? Not something I believe in.

G. said...

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder, as most things are. But the general idea of it is definitly flawed. Why would I want to have everything, know everything, and control everything? There would be no point of existence. Nothing left to discover or explore, and no drive to do anything. The extraordinary abudance of diversity on this planet is one of the joys of being alive.

Great Post Buddha.

Buddha said...

@ Pixie – What I love about this blog are my wonderful friends, that make me feel like I am doing something good :)

@ Brazen – I remember that episode – the guy was a gangster that dies in a shoot out – they just don’t make TV like that anymore :(

@ Joe – I am humbled and honored by your comment.
(So much passion and so much depth.)
But you are taking me to seriously - more so than I do myself.
I am nut a Buddha :)
Truth be told I have nothing to teach.
I am just a spiritual entertainer.

@ Miss Pidgin – Wow! You are going to spoil me.
Thank you so much!
I will attempt to pass it along – I am not very technical you know :)

@ Talon – I love your quirkiness!
You should let it out more :)

@ G – Yet, that is exactly what our “scientists” are working on :(