Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tips & Tricks

Long time a go in a galaxy far, far away…
I was a cadet in the naval academy.

Not a big deal, but for a while I had to give up my privacy.
Living in a dormitory with 100 other men.
Sharing common showers and living quarters.
And of course not a living woman around.

That of course raised a big question.
How do you deal with the raging hormones of a 19 years old man?
At least till the weekend leave…

Purely by accident I found out that after playing intensely for an hour or two of basketball my horniness went down and actually I did not have to deal with the problem… until at least the next day of course.
So every time I was horny and had no other means to deal with the problem, I would hit the gym and burn out the extra sexual energy.

So here is the tip for today:

Instead of crying over being dumped by your lover or chewed up by your boss:
Hit the gym!
(Beat up a gym bag and pretend it is the hated enemy.)
Instead of hitting the refrigerator for the ice-cream or the chips – or even worse the bottle and the drugs:
Burn out your anger, pain, fear, jealousy, sadness or whatever!
(It would not solve your problem but at least you’ll be in excellent shape :)

Now here is even a more excellent tip:

Many of the most amazing human creations – novels, poems, paintings, are deeply rooted in human suffering and misery.
Think Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Baudelaire, and van Gogh
Some of my favorite music – Beethoven, Mahler, are stories of human hurt and agony.
(Just put on Mozart’s “Requiem” and you’ll understand what I mean.)

So instead of wallowing in your own tears and self pity why don’t you write a novel about it?
Why don’t you take your heart breaking story and turn it into a movie script?
Energy is energy; it doesn’t have to be positive to move you and if it moves you, it doesn’t have to move you on a self destructive path!

So if you have problems think of them as a source of energy.
Burn it up or use it in a creative way.
Whatever you choose don’t let your negativity take over your life.

You will not like where sorrow will take you.


Don't Feed The Pixies said...

I totally agree with everything you say in this post - channelling the negativity is a catharsis

However, one has to watch how close one gets to the edge. Ian Curtis, the singer of Joy Division, springs to mind: he took himself to a dark place to explore the problems of his life and his epilepsy and it drove him to suicide - and how many others have lost their sanity following that dark street?

So be careful how long you stare into the abyss incase you become it

Ted Bagley said...

Yes, the lie that you can find value in life by seeking it through your own psychology.

Talon said...

It's true that action helps deal with frustration. Inaction gives it too much power.

Diego said...

I feel so hesitant about saying this but here goes; the more I work out the hornier I I doing something wrong?

Aggie said...

I'm off to the gym - catch you later!

Buddha said...

@ Pixie – I do not advocate experimenting with the dark side!
As a matter of fact I stopped my therapy practice just to get away from all the negativity.

@ Ted – Life is not what is happening to you but what you make happen.
I am not looking to find value in my life I am looking to give it value.

@ Talon – Yup, you’re absolutely right!
Inaction just aggravates the frustration.

@ Diego – Hmmm! Work should burn energy not create it.
Get a really ugly, horny girlfriend – that will put a damp on it!

@ Aggie – LOL! OK see you latter!

Ted Bagley said...

"Life" or "It" is still something "out there" in both of those statements. Something else or something other than this.
Why look to give "my life" "value" when it has no value to start with. That would be dependent on others, wouldn't it? Now you're back into desire is of the other again.

Lydia said...

I need a good kick in the pants to get me going on the miserable clutter project upstairs. You are making me realize that the physical part of it is something I probably will wind up liking a heck of a lot more than the sitting-on-the-floor-sorting-decades-of-papers-and-shit part!