Saturday, October 18, 2008

How to accomplish more

Also known as the 4D recipe.

It goes like this: Divide, Delegate, Do, Dump.
“The universe is made of atoms. If you can move an atom, you can move the universe.” Before starting any task, divide it up in smaller parts – even if you think you can do it all at once.
Have some one else do the work for you. A co worker, a professional or specialist, family members, relatives, friends etc.
3) DO
If you can’t delegate the work, it is time for you to do it.
If it seems too big, complicated or hard to do, go back to steps 1 & 2.
If you can’t divide your task in smaller parts and can’t find anybody to delegate, go to step 4.
“The art of winning is the art of managing your loses”.
I’ve seen so many people stuck in failed, dysfunctional relationships or dead end jobs, not knowing when and how to quit. Time is the most valuable asset you have. So, stop wasting time on dead ends and move on to a new task.
Good luck!


Lydia said...

Did you see your award over at Don't Feed the Pixies? I just discovered mine there.

I have a second blog called "Clutterquake" that would greatly benefit from a reprint of this terrific post of yours. May I use it and hot link back to you? I like to hot links because they build "authority" points at Technorati, where simply mentioning another blog doesn't get "crawled." (You probably already know all that!)

I'll check back for your response and if it's OK then I'll make this my next post at Clutterquake. :)

Buddha said...

Dear Lydia
I started blogging 3 weeks ago, just to let out some steam, and now I started to like and enjoy it. I have no Idea what I'm doing. I don't even know what "Technorati" is and I'm just starting to understand what a link is. - I put a share this button on my posts. Timethief is been giving me pointers and help me with the technical stuff, but I am such a klutz. If any body is reading this and has any sugestions please help! And yes you can reprint any of my posts the only thing I ask is to have my name and possible my blog mentioned. Thank you so much for your friendship!
Be loved!

Mama Zen said...

Excellent post! Delegation is the one that gives me the most trouble!

Lydia said...

You are truly a marvel for having only been a blogger for three weeks! Your blog is already attracting fans and an award! I'm so very glad that you are out there!

Isn't Timethief wonderful? She will have excellent tips for you, I am sure.

Technorati is another site where you can have an account (free) to build interest in your blog.

After I began my blog in Feb. I bought a simple "how-to" book at Border's titled, "Publishing a Blog with Blogger" by Elizabeth Castro. It has easy-to-follow full-color projects that helped me lots. For $12.99 it was well worth the price.

I am going to post your Accomplish More post with you and your blog noted, of course, over at Clutterquake right now. Come visit and see what it looks like there. Thank you for giving me permission re-print it there.

I appreciate your friendship also! :)

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Yes I agree with that.. Dont work for money let your money work for you