Saturday, October 3, 2009

Beyond the "Secret" IV

Some things might appear to us as magic but that is just because we do not understand them.
If you want to understand “magic” you have to look behind the curtain – where the wizard is pulling the ropes.
That’s why this series of posts are called “Beyond the Secret”- neither before nor beside.

Let’s suppose for a moment that you have become a master of the “secret”
You wish for $1000000 and the next day you receive in mail a check from an anonymous benefactor with the million dollars you asked for. – hey, it is magic!
Would you take that money?
Do you think you deserve that money?
Would you use the secret to gain things you do not deserve?
Do you think that is cheating the universe – God?

If you think you would use the “secret” to only get the things that you deserve, I got good news for you.
You are in fact getting what you deserve.
You might not agree or like what you are getting but that's exactly what you are getting.
God is a very fair guy – trust me.

“For every action thou shall have an equal and opposite reaction”
“There is no free lunch”

By understanding the laws governing life we can gain insights and power over the events and course of our lives.
By ignoring these laws or by abusing them we can put ourselves in harms way, as individuals, as groups or countries.
What else are wars, social and economical crisis but the unavoidable result of human prejudice, ignorance and greed?


Tallis Grayson said...

"God is a very fair guy.. ."

Perhaps God is even fair about being unfair.

Anyway, thank you for your wonderful blog! Tallis

Quantum_Flux said...

Wars, famine, the economy, and Capitalism/Socialism all result from our struggle for limited resources. That is not human centric, the struggle for limited resources occurs throughout the animal kingdom in terms of the food chain, and that is why evolution results. Actually, when intelligence of the species increase, they learn how to cooperate with each other to survive, much as seen in the various social hierarchies of the primate kingdoms. In our own human society when resources are limited, we need to improve our technology so that everything runs more efficiently instead of fighting wars.

Quantum_Flux said...

Also, religion is popular because it gives people false hope for magic. Consider the parable about Jesus magically multiplying the fish/bread resources, well, obviously that is a case of bad accounting but it also is exactly the kind of assurence people want when they join a pyramid scheme of tithing their weekly earnings in return for magic favor. However, people would be better off tithing their money into a poker game or putting it on a roulette table, or better yet investing it in the stock market.

Quantum_Flux said...

Even religion wars are fought over resources, "The Holy Land". Land, no matter how desolate and deserty, is still a resource. Of course you have examples of terror cells and religious wars throughout the Old Testament too, essentially the pattern is command, conquer, and winner takes all, a gamble of the form "zero sum + casualties + collateral damage". These religions are more like gangs with all their religious gang symbols, fashioned idles, and religious rules, than they are of any kind of enlightenment.

dirt clustit said...

I don't know guys.... I thinking we should stick to the original plan. Wars do have a lot to do with greed, but it seems they are ALWAYS a result of escalation of a misunderstanding. Fear leads to not understanding.

The Order Hymenoptera (bees, wasps, ants) are the pinnacle of cooperation. These dudes could tell us exactly why the dinosaurs went extinct (they existed then and haven't changed much from then to now) These dudes are completely selfless as individuals and each clone or drone only concern is for the health of the colony as a whole.

They look like they they bust ass constantly... but the truth is each individual is only working bout 1/4 of the time. The other 3/4 each ant is kickin back/resting/eating. It's just that the colony always has a crew/shift on the clock.

Sad to say though that those lil fuckers will start and finish an all out war just because two colonies crossed paths in a days work.

I am not sure I can agree with the limited resource theory. There IS enough food/water/fuel/materials for shelter for EVERYONE on this planet to comfortably survive...the problem is piss poor planners in charge of distribution. WE (i'm american so me and the govt) keep it all here as does every other industrialized power.
It IS true that there is NO WHERE NEAR enough resources for everyone on the planet to live as We do (me and my govt) cuz I waste more than I use in the name of convenience and comfort.

Unfortunately what comes around goes so in the next life (though I might land a punch or two on karma) rest assured WE will be served up a cosmic ass kickin by that lil lady karma and everyone who hoarded resource (no matter what BS excuse or rationalization was used) they are gonna take there "fair share" of lumps.

But don't take my word for it... they say 'experience' is the best teacher of lessons.

Anywho, the hymenoptera had it right in my opinion.... we just need to realize our colony is the entire planet.

For the sake of argument... yes we should be ready to go to war with the Martians or any other colony from another planet iff (if and only if) we cross paths.

Til I see the whites of an being from another planet (colonies) eyes a war is not necessary and I am hoping we can take care of the ENTIRE colony in the mean time.

Cuz friends let me tell you... karma doesn't talk a big game nor does she act/look like someone who couldn't be whooped by my little sister.... but your perception changes quick when seconds before you tangle she smiles a toothless grin (yet still pops in a mouthpiece) you realize you are cornered as she whips out the expandable the once starvin/dying people on the other side of the colony are stuffin their faces....they take a break from their long awaited feast to watch US receive our beat down.

And it feels like hell on earth cuz even ghandi has a slight grin now as he waives that long finger and in his unique accent says, "Friends I told you she was one tough mother fucker.... why in god's great name you test that scorned woman is beyond me"


Sorry if I offended, but BOH gave me the impression that it's all good.

Don't get me wrong (like I said I'm American) and I wish I could live my life in continued ignorance. But like the plan clearly states "the awake must remain awake"

But I don't know...

Quantum_Flux said...

I believe that there can be enough resources to go around if there is a more efficient and comfortable means of consuming our resources, if our wastes can be reduced via recycling, etc. All this requires a technological revolution though, to resort to socialist rationing policies is to take a major step backwards, we need market solutions to our inefficiencies instead. That will come naturally if prices reflect the supply of the resources.

As for karma, well, every action does have a causal reaction. I wouldn't call it karma exactly, but if you go around hitting people, then chances are somebody is going to hit back, plus your reputation would be tarnished, etc. But that's not karma, just plain causality.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

I absolutely believe in karma. What we put out into the universe comes back to us maybe not immediately but will take its' turn. I'm very much enjoying your blog.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

I think it was actually Newton that said about every action having an equal and opposite one.

It's very hard to think of anything we might do that we won't benefit from in some way - even if its by feeling a bit better about ourselves for half an hour after we buy The Big Issue - and you know what they say about the road to hell being paved with good intentions...

So i guess the only problem is what happens when we understand the rules and decide a) that the rules aren't fair or b) that no one else bothers to keep to them?

Buddha said...

@ Tallis – This is a great subject for debate – What is the morality of God?
When I was a Christian I spent a lot of time reflecting on that question.
I did not find a satisfactory answer until I changed my belief system.

@ Quantum – Nope!
The animal kingdom adapts to the environment and lives in harmony with it –or dies.
It has nothing to do with resources – it is all human ignorance.

@ dirt clusit – You can’t offend anyone :)
Only the offended can do it to himself.
Like I said before – this is an open forum and all opinions are welcome.
We might not agree on everything but we agree to disagree :)

@ Poetic Shutterbug – I call it poetic justice ;)

@ Pixie – If you break the rules there will be consequences to pay.
You break the law you do the time!

Quantum_Flux said...

Apparently I need to explain about thermodynamics and the food chain. A plant gets the energy resources from the sun and the material resources from the soil, then a herbivore gets its energy and material from the plants, then a carnivore gets its energy from the herbivore, each one obtains about 10% of the energy resources from eating the previous one. This is why there is significantly less animals than there are plants, and significantly less carnivours than there are herbivores.

Then, of course, there are limited resources in any given ecosystem, and if any population gets too large then that results in significant competition for territory and resources, and hence the trait of territoriality is observed repeatedly throughout the animal kingdom. Species of animals tend to follow patterns of predator-prey population cycles.

Now, with humans and the discovery of how to build fires, people were able to cook their meat, then also learned to farm their crops, trade commodities, survey the lands, build cities, etc. All of that is animal behaviour, but of a higher intelligence than other animal behaviour, however the resources are fought over between human cities just as ant colonies will fight each other for resources. Religions serve the purpose of unifying people in the fight for prosperity, much as gangs do in smaller cities, but that is superceded by governments, and that in turn is superceded by businesses, which then gets superceded by technology.

Buddha said...

@ Quantum - I agree with you Quantum in what you are saying but there is more than that to be said.
Have you seen "The Matrix"
There is a great passage in the movie where the agent Smith explains to Morpheus what he thinks about humans.
In short he classifies humans as "viruses" not as "mammals" because we never reach that balance, harmony with the environment as all the other living creatures do.
We will continue to multiply and expand at the expenses of the other animals or plants and we wouldn't even stop from killing each other in our expansion.
With the human population growing exponential we will devour all the resources of the planet and in the end will blow each other up.
What do you think?

Quantum_Flux said...

I think that our only salvation from demise is through a proper education of the masses, through increasing the efficiency of our technology, and through implementing wise economic policies. I think that schools need to be upgraded, that the role of government needs to be diminished, and that we need to continually replace union and foriegn sweatshop work with robotics technology.

(i.e. Robotics Japan needs our protection from China's nuclear North Korean puppet government, and democratic Isreal needs our protection against Russia's nuclear Iranian puppet government).

Furthermore, I think that if Religion and Communism don't keep on attempting to repress the masses and take over the world, then we may well be doomed. Iran is Muslim, and Isreal is Jewish, hence the willingness to kill each other off, but I think both sides need to be secularized away from their dark age mythologies.

As for global warming, well, that is indeed immediately bad for some businesses but an immediate necessity for other businesses. I think that there is a lot of potential in genetic and energy research, in the field of evolutionary computing, in more efficient means of energy transfer via nanoelectronics, that nanotech holds a wild card for newer lighter materials that are molecularly stronger.

In short, there is a gamble, and the safest bet for the salvation of the world all leads down the road of investing in the education of (cheap) and research (medium) of and implementation of (expensive) science and technology. I think that businesses are going to have to take those gambles, not socialist government programs, the difference being that businesses don't bail out failed projects otherwise they go bankrupt.

Quantum_Flux said...

Correction: I think that if Religion and Communism DO keep on attempting to repress the masses and take over the world, then we may well be doomed.

Sorry about that typo

dirt clustit said...

What up friends!

My comment was (obviously) a rant where I try to communicate my thoughts/beliefs. Twisted into my words I put sarcasm or attempts to be witty that often sound/are arrogant.

It appears very clear to me that most resources ARE in fact limited. That competition for control or possession of a 'fair share' of those resources does result in war or in essence a war.

Competition appears to me to divide the participants into groups or populations. Most often winners and losers, ocassional into losers and losers, and while possible I have yet to see the groups be split into winners and winners.

the results of competition then seem snowball with negativity as feelings of jealousy, envy, feelings of being wronged. The two groups seem to 'naturally' progress into a division where hatred feels "right" and love feels "wrong"

To me that is an excellent definition of war.

So anyway, I guess I wanted to let you know Quantum that I do share many of your views even though my comment may have sounded more like "I have a better understanding of the systems in this world than you"

and BOH "@ Quantum – Nope!
The animal kingdom adapts to the environment and lives in harmony with it –or dies.
It has nothing to do with resources – it is all human ignorance."

I sense sarcasm in that statement
but typed words can be so easy to misinterpret when I question the seriousness of communicate.

So I ask, "are you being sarcastic, cause adapting to live in harmony or else dying seems to not ring true with what I often perceive"

And Quantum, I can definitely relate to typos and with me it seems like when I do they are ones that give my words the exact opposite meaning of what I was trying to say.
(typing don't instead of do or will instead of won't)

Tallis Quantum Dirty Poetic Buddhist Pixies

To me today (as I understand it) in my magical world today.... is an old Mayan saying which describes "One Beautiful Mind"

Thank you for you all coming together here to share your thoughts.


Quantum_Flux said...

Football and Business give us 2 ways to compete without killing each other :)

YogaforCynics said...

I trust you, but that doesn't mean I don't think you're wrong. If there's one thing I'm pretty sure of, it's that God isn't fair...child molestation and genocide take care of that one pretty easily. I'm even more confident that God isn't a guy, or a girl, for that matter. I'm still working on whether God is God or simply an imagined fulfillment of the desire to return to the feeling of safety and security we experienced as infants, before we realized our parents weren't omnipotent, omniscient, or omnibenevolent...

Buddha said...

@ Quantum - The Greeks invented the Olympic games in that idea and spirit of replacing war with friendly competition.
It seems they were more civilized than us because today the only way we see a solution to a conflict is through violence.
And I don't mean just war but everything from a massive legal system to a massive police force and prison system.
USA has more people in jail than China!!!
We have almost 2 million people behind bars - the size of a small country.
Does it fix our drug or crime problem? Nope - Yet we still keep on asking for more police and more jails instead of looking for a better solution - like you said - educate the people, give them a purpose a better alternative in life than crime.

@ dirt clusit - Sarcastic? I hope not.
I am sad and disappointed in the human race...
Well, maybe you are right; it is sarcasm but not at any particular person, just in general.

Buddha said...

@ YogaforCynics - Or maybe God is a molested little girl or a child blown up by field mines...
Just a thought.

Sharlene Le said...

Great point of view, I like what you had to say!!!

Lydia said...

Re: your final question...
And don't forget the biggie: global warming.

Vijay - Meditation Techniques Guide said...

Nice post! Some really interesting and deep insights on life - in a very humorous manner. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Certainly the Secret is not all it is esteemed to be.
Magick is rather the belief and interest in that which we do not currently understand. It precludes the "aha!" when you see a conceivable equation behind the scenes. It is what takes the yellow brick road before ever reaching the emerald city. It is the drive and limitless creativity that gives one the ability to understand that which never was before. It is where suggestion is power, but the whole of magick is much more than just convincing oneself of fantasy. It is being a scientist of one's own existence, and objectively looking at and using often unconventional means for various ends, the highest being a peaceful and intelligent relationship with life itself. Magick is free of a specific idol of religion, it allows any or no specific deity. As a man once said, magick is "The aim of religion, the method of science."