Thursday, October 8, 2009


We are a creation of the universe. We are not separated entities.
The universe manifests us like a tree that blooms in thousand flowers.
You are a flower but behind you there are the branches, the leaves and the roots.
You are the universe supreme creation but you are not alone.

When you see yourself as the “ego” the “I” or “me” you see yourself separated from the universe.
You cut yourself off from that connection and you become alone.
Alone you are weak, alone you are scared and lost.

But all that separation is just an illusion.
The universe is fragmented in billion manifestations but none stands alone.
We have been fragmented, created but never separated.
Separation can not possibly be – it exists only in your mind.

And by the way – this concept that sounds like grand new age bull shit is one of the few things that science will agree and concur to.
Just get off your chair and jump. You will see that you are tied by invisible strings to the ground.
No matter how hard you will jump you will always be in the space time continuum.
You can not break free from that “glue” that holds the universe together.
Actually the scientists say that a black hole might tear a hole in the universe and allow travel through other dimensions but until then I think it is fairly accurate to say that you are just a part of the big enchilada.

But that is great news!
That means that you are connected, that you are part of the infinite.
You are not alone. You are not weak and for sure you don’t lack resources.
The whole universe, which means infinite energy and wisdom, is behind you.

Forget about the “secret” and all the empty promises of the servants of the “ego”.
Ego is a weak master and an even worse servant.
You say you want abundance in your life?

There is infinite abundance ready to manifest through you.
But you have to become the conductor of that energy and wisdom behind you.
You have to let the universe burst through you.
You have to let abundance flow through you.
You have to become a live wire.

Alone you are weak, lost and scared.
Choose to be the whole instead.
Feel like the whole.
Think like the whole.
Act like the whole.


Lydia said...

Marvelous! I can't tell you, Buddha, how much this resonates -- and is needed by me -- tonight. I'm going to print it for my husband to read in the morning....another round of staff cutbacks is coming and this one is 15%. It's a scary time. This post gave me strength and hope.

Quantum_Flux said...

The egoless are pawns in the game of somebody else's ego since they serve no function of their own. That somebody else that the buddhist tries to be a pawn for is nature, a leaf blowing in the wind. But there is no need for that, ego is no illusion BOH, and people should not feel small or weak or lost if they have a BIG ego like I do. How I know this comes from the factoid that the quantum butterfly effect allows for free will.

You recall that I've hypothesized that the butterfly effect takes place below the level that quantum uncertainties allow for. It just seems obvious that the butterfly effect is on a universal continuum at all spatial scales, and thus rendering hard determinism a trash theory just like a flat Earth or a the flood gates of heaven, lol.

drppanda said...

You are right.

Talon said...

I'm laughing at the Dr. Dwyer add just below this post - "attract anything you want in 30 days" and what about the things you don't want that show up anyway?

It's true, we are part of everything. We are never alone, but sometimes we can feel lonely.

Flight said...

You bet we are a creation of the universe . We and everything we know ,touch ,see ,and feel comes from the same star dust ( Higher power if you so wish ).

"Choose to be the whole instead.
Feel like the whole.
Think like the whole.
Act like the whole."
I think not . I have found the "whole" to be ignorant and evil ( when applied to humans ).

How about ;
Feel like yourself.
Think for yourself.
Act FOR the whole.

Buddha said...

@ Lydia – You make me feel like I am making a difference.
You give me hope and energy to carry on.
Thank you so much!

@ Quantum – Yes you have a big ego!
I know how you feel because I used to have a big ego too :)
But now I am just too old to know everything :(
Any way, ego or not we are an open forum and everybody’s opinion pro or con is what it makes this place special :)

@ drpanda – I used to be right – now I tend to lean towards left ;)
Welcome to our little group!

@ Talon – Company is just an internet connection away!
But a soul connection is always more precious :)

@ Flight – I see your point clearly.
If the “whole” is the “whole humanity”
Then you are right:
Feel like yourself.
Think for yourself.
Act FOR the whole.
I was thinking of the “whole” more like God rather than humanity.
Point well taken :)

scruffy said...


dirt clustit said...

Nice post and perfect comments. Flight's really seemed to tie it all together.

Isn't it crazy. The way (if you share the belief) that when a star/sun is done providing total/complete light and energy over all who orbit ANY path around it... When the provider for life is done providing, the scattered cooling debris is/are the seeds of a new life.
And the light really is total and complete (every wavelength of light we know is given by the son)

Same with the energy. Every joule that was used or stored in any system or any form was a gift from the sun.

A giver whose gifts are so generous that recipients are only able to accept "the equivalent of drops from the bucket" (this earth and other systems can only absorb a minuscule amount of the energy the sun lovingly shines down. I think it is about a percent or two) nearly all the energy that passes is lost as heat, is reflected, or just continues it's path.

craziness, or so it sometimes seems