Monday, October 5, 2009

Beyond the "Secret" V

“I am that I am”
“I am that I am”
Me too

Has not life offer you opportunities?
Has not life posed you challenges?
Has not life given you love?
Has not life given you grief?
Has not life filled you with joy?
Has not life stricken you with pain?

Have not you being successful?
Have not you failed?
Have not you loved?
Have not you hated?
Have not you laughed?
Have not you cried?

What a wonderful life you have had!
Yes, it could have been better.
But look behind. Why wasn’t it better?
Is it because life, the universe has deal you a crooked hand?
Or is it because you have made mistakes?

Then, think:
What was the secret of your failures?
You got the wrong knowledge, the wrong information; you did not know any better, you did it wrong.
What was the secret of your successes?
You had the knowledge; you knew what you were doing, you did it right.

What will make you a success in the future?
What will make you a failure in the future?
Same things that made you a failure or success in the past.

We all know that our thoughts determine our lives.
We all know that to change our lives we have to change our thoughts.
There is no secret in that.
You have to go beyond the secret.

Beyond the secret is to work in harmony with the universe.
Beyond the secret is to understand the cause and effect relations.
Beyond the secret is to become the cause of successful action.

Nothing happens without an action.
Money will not appear in your bank account from thin air.
Somebody has to put it there.
Sitting in front of your computer the love of your life will not fall from the sky.
Nothing happens without action.
And nothing successful happens without “right action”

Hey, “right action”!
Where have I heard that before?


Ted Bagley said...

Not that shit again.

Anonymous said...

Some of us try what we think is right action and somehow it turns to custard. However, we gotta keep trying. :)

Quantum_Flux said...

Custard you say, huh Aggie?

Quantum_Flux said...

Custard isn't always such a bad idea :)

Ted Bagley said...

That was cool, Flux!

Talon said...

Wisdom is applied knowlege...and the trying and failing is a part of gaining that knowledge.

Buddha said...

@ Ted - I got a book for my daughter "Everybody poops"
I highly recommend it to you.

@ Aggie - LOL - Custard you say...
I know that filling...

@ Talon - That is a beautiful thought.
Thank you!

Ted Bagley said...

I'll check it out after I finish "Captain Underpants".

Poetic Shutterbug said...

It's all about attracting the bee and not the fly.

Buddha said...

@ Ted - Life is not always as hygienic as we'd like.
Some time you have to tell people; "that is poop, don't play in it!"

@ Poetic - That is the problem - honey will always attract both - so the only thing you can do is to stay away from the "flies" which is not always easy because usually they masquerade as "bees" - if you know what I mean ;)

scruffy said...

I like your questions, however it does seem pointless to answer these since I do not know the answers or I have forgotten about it all. All I know is that I know what I know and that I have to do the best with whatever I do from now on so that I can ring in more success in the future as opposed to failures. Whatever historic failings I have had, I have learned from and forgotten as advantageous, but anything you learn from can not be considered a failure. After all, none of my historic failures have killed me, so therefore have strengthened me.