Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Meaning of Life VI

A person should be more than just an individual.
A family should be more than a convenience union of people.
A community should be more than a bunch of families sharing the same neighborhood.
This country should be more than a union of states bound together by the same constitution.
And the world we live in should be more than a quilt of different countries sawed together at the borders.

We are all threads, fibers in the fabric of life.
The way we interwove in this structure is what gives us and our life meaning.

Show me a lonely person and I will show you a fearful, depressed and unhappy soul.
Show me a lonely human being and I will show you an abused individual.
Show me a lonely being and I will show you rage and hatred ready to explode.
Show me a lonely person and I will show you a wasted meaningless life.

In my practice I’ve seen a lot of lonely people.
They all have one thing in common:
They all believe their loneliness is a symptom, a result of their problems and the most difficult thing to show them is that their isolation, their separation and distance from the people around them is not a symptom, but the very cause of their dysfunctional life.

Show me a prejudiced person and I will show you a person that hates himself.
Show me a person that loves himself and I will show you a person that loves his neighbors.
We are to ourselves what we are to others.
The things we do to others are the things we do to ourselves.
The victim of today will be the aggressor of tomorrow.

It is hard to understand that in the spiritual world you can only have what you give.
For the “me” generation it is hard to understand that the less you give the less you have.
Just think about it:
If all of us are there to find some one to love us, to take care of us, to makes us happy then there will be no love, care or happiness in the world.
If all of us would change that point of view and live in this world to love and care and make the people around us happy, then this world would be a paradise.

“Love your neighbor as yourself” is not an empty phrase or just a nice thing to say.
Love your neighbor, is the fundamental key of this spiritual world we’ve been talking abut.
Love is the knots, the glue that holds this fabric of life together.
Without it, everything falls apart.
Without it we are all doomed to a lonely, meaningless life.


Don't Feed The Pixies said...

An interesting post - because what i really, really want from my physical neighbour is to be left alone to get on with my life. I have no particular need to be their friend or to be involved in their life and my approach to "love thy neighbour" is to give them that opportunity to live their life the way they want to

But in a very real sense i think we are now searching out new "virtual" neighbours with whom we share common values - so the fact that you and i are continents apart does not mean that we don't connect in a neighbourly way

Quantum_Flux said...

This might completely shock you BOH, but I hate my neighbor, the one who always blocks the community mailbox with his boat and brags about how he always plays golf with celebrities....and I still love myself a whole lot too. No dice on this one!

Buddha of Hollywood said...

@ Pixie - I tried to find a simple reply for you but I think I will have to write a whole post about your comment :)

@ Quantum - If you were to hate all people and then tell me that you love yourself I would say you are delusional...
If you hate one person that doesn't make you hate yourself.
I don't like or love every person in this world either.
But by enlarge I love people and I love myself

Quantum_Flux said...

That makes sense :)