Monday, October 12, 2009

Manifestations III

How do you grow a third eye, develop a sixth sense or connect to the power and wisdom of the universe?
To put it in the simplest way: You don’t!
Other wise the series would be titled “Metamorphoses” instead of “Manifestations”

To manifest one self is to become oneself.
This process of manifestation starts when an individual becomes aware that he or she is not living at the full potential of his talents and abilities.
To live at your full potential it is not a supernatural transformation, it is a spiritual one.

We are human beings – that means we are both spirit and matter – body and soul.
When a soul comes into this world to inhabit his body, it comes in as pure spirit.
As pure spirit we are connected to the spirit world 100 %
However we are just entering the material world and that implies some changes.

The new born child believes anything is possible – as in the spirit world there are no material limitations.
We have to teach the child the limitations of his human body.
We have to teach them that you can’t fly, you can’t jump from a building, you can burn if you put your hand in a fire and you drown if you fall into water.

Some of the teachings are good:
Like learning how to walk and talk, eat or swim.
Some teachings are not so good or even bad:
Like telling a child he’s stupid or that he’s never going to amount to anything, or that he or she are ugly.

In time that initial connection we have with the spirit world with the universe becomes to narrow.
I imagine the flow of power and wisdom as a river that runs through us.
As soon as we start throwing negative thoughts into it, doubts and fears, the flow starts to subside.
We get clogged in doubt and that makes us loose even more faith.
It is a snow balling, going down degradation that feeds and perpetuates itself.

I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful and enlightened childhood.
That means by the time I was in my 20 I was still full of faith, hope and energy.
I still believed I can do anything, that I can change the world, that I can make this world into a better place, that I can bring my positive contribution to humanity.

Then the reality settled in: The humanity did not want my contribution.
The humanity wanted me to buy things so the big corporation can make a hefty profit.
The humanity was not interested in love and happiness the humanity was interested in making me comply to the rules.
By the time I reach my 40’s my energy flow and my connection with the universe was dead.
Anxiety and depression and the hopeless feeling that there is no place to go, no escape, settled in.
At a point I even contemplate suicide – but I felt like an old sour looser – suicide looks good on a young man not on a middle age one.
So that got me thinking: What ever happened to the young, energetic, enthusiast, hopeful, creative, invincible guy I use to be?
What ever happened to all my dreams and all my plans?

I realized that I have changed; that instead of doing my thing, playing my play, I got caught up in this stupid rat race that I was pushed by my bills not pulled by my dreams, that I have exchanged faith for doubt and courage for comfort.

So I started cleaning up the mess.
Removing the doubts and fears one by one and as I continued to do it I felt that flow of energy, that creativity, that intuition, the hope and courage coming back.
The dreamer was awakened once again.
Once again I was in the flow of the universe.

So it is not that you need anything to do this, to reconnect to the infinite power and wisdom of the universe.
The connection is there already!
You can do as I did; pick up a constructive, transformative philosophy and practice.
In my case; Zen Buddhism and the practice of meditation.

Here is how it works:
The no mind and mindfulness concept.
The meditation state empties your mind of all thoughts – positive or negative – of all fears and doubt – it is like removing all the debris from the river.
When all the garbage is removed the mind fills up with the natural flow of the universe.
You have achieved the mindfulness state.
Of course that needs a lot of practice to become effective.

A really fast way to do it is to surrender to a higher authority – God.
You recognize your inability to deal with the overwhelming problems of your life and you surrender to God.
But here is the catch – Most people surrender the problems to God not their soul.
You can’t do drugs and beat up your wife, cheat and still and pray to God!
To surrender to God is to live the life of the prophet – might that be Moses, Jesus, Mohamed or Buddha.
So a leap of faith might be a short cut but it has to be a real leap of faith not just pretend.

Of course this is been my experience but that leap of faith might have a thousand forms.
I now of a guy – friend of mine – very nice and talented, that got his wake up call from falling in love.
He found a girl that literally turned him from a geek to a successful confident man.
So I don’t know what might work for you but I know for sure that you have everything to succeed in life if you have faith.


Quantum_Flux said...

WHAT is spiritual? What is a soul? Where is this Godfellow I keep hearing about? .... answer: In imagination land. Same place the closet monster exists, in one's own mind, the very same mind that is susceptible to hallucinations commonly known as "dreams", something everybody experiences on a nightly basis, a remnant of the conscious wakefulness being regurgitated in our subconscious sleep.

Where does the third eye reside? In the brain, that is where.

Flight said...

LOVE : the one force that tosses all other theories out the window .

I know what you mean about wanting to change humanity. It's kinda the you can get more fly's with honey (love). We tend to slam doors when we push our ideals on an unwilling humanity. By changing ourselves we can change others. There is more then one path to "god" right. So We should focus on or path and by doing so others will find theirs. It better when your truth comes from within.

Someone once said "Be the change you want to see in the world" :)

You must always keep in mind that a path is only a path. Even a child with unfit parents can grow from their bad childhood, sometimes stronger then the child with a good childhood (they can tend to look within more often). That which does not kill us makes us stronger.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Buddha said...

@ Quantum - There are no simple answers to your questions but give me some time and I will try to explain my point of view.
I know from a scientific point of view it sounds crazy but science sounds crazy from my POV too.
So hang in there OK?

@ Flight - You are making a brilliant argument but many people will reject it as too simplistic :(
The truth is obvious but many refuse to see it :)

Quantum_Flux said...


Ted Bagley said...

Oh come now, there is no third eye, for goodness sakes.