Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Spiritual World

For some reason when I talk about the spiritual world I get the impression that some people think I am talking about the world of ghost and ghouls, monsters and vampires.
(It must be the Halloween coming up soon:)
So I have to write a short post about my spiritual world, just to keep the two separate.

Thousand of years ago when the human race started to develop thinking skills we look around and assessed our environment as been both spirit and matter.
In all cultures as far as we can see, we have always seen our world as having the same two components making up the reality – the hardware and the software.
That is until about the 19th century when science took the leading role in human thinking and we declared God dead and the world as a pure mechanical one, where only mass energy and space were real and everything else was bologna.

Well, that is not quite accurate. The scientist couldn’t dispense of TIME a very inconvenient element because it does not exist but without which you couldn’t develop the scientific dogma so we shovel it in the material world, although nobody has ever proven its materiality.

Things got a little out of hand because you can dispense of God and faith but you can’t dispense of all spiritual world.
We still have feelings, emotions and concepts that you can’t dispense of because they are part of us.
You might be an atheist and believe there is no God but how can you not believe your depression, anxiety, love or hate?
So we try to materialize them and force them to conform to the dogma.

We turned the spiritual world into a material one by making everything be chemical reactions and electric circuits.
According to this new doctrine children were manufactured in uterus as cars are manufactured in factories.
We came out of nothing and at death we turn into nothing, because emotions and memories and thoughts did not exist.
They were just a figment of our mind of our imagination – which did not exist as well.

Things started to get a little out of hand when we started looking at the intimate structure of our material world.
To our surprise our material world was not as material as the new science made us believe.
Our material world is more nothing than something.
Peering through the electronic microscopes we found out a lot of structure but no mass at all.
The latest scientific view consider mass and energy as “qualities” rather than as stand alone “things”

We discovered DNA the fundamental building block of life.
And DNA is nothing more than encoded information.
After all babies were not made but grew out of structure, information.
After all we are software with a body not a body with electrical circuits.
Chemical reactions do not determine anymore our emotions, but our emotions determine the chemical reactions in our brains.

We discover Quantum mechanics and for the first time we realize that the reality is not what we observed but rather the result of our observations.
We entered the communications, computer information age and suddenly we had to deal with software with information and programs.
Our world is turning rapidly in a world of ideas, connections and interactions rather than the world of brick and mortar of our parents.

Like it or not the world we live in is a dual one of both spirit and matter.
We are at a crucial point in human understanding of this reality.
Science the way it is right now is not equipped to deal with this spiritual aspect of reality, and the old religious and spiritual believes are so old so antiquated that makes anyone that calls himself a spiritual person look like a nut or a charlatan.

I am a spiritual person because I believe reality is both software and hardware.
I think the key to human evolution depends on how we learn and understand this dichotomy.
I would like to be one of the people that pioneer this new understanding – although I lack both the time and the finances to conduct such an exploration.

So for now, I consider myself an “amateur” metaphysician, one that experiments on himself and that looks for like minded people to share their experience, their understanding and knowledge on the subject.
I do not have anything to sell nor do I look for people to follow me.
I am not pushing any religious belief and I am not trying to convert anyone.

I accept all debate and challenges to my opinions expressed in my blog because I believe that only through intelligent, rational debate we can come to a better understanding of our world.
Anybody is welcome to post on my blog if you feel you have something pertinent to say.
Anybody is welcome to express their opinions and participate through the comments to our discussions.


Quantum_Flux said...

Our brains have been leading up, over billions of years, to the point where we can understand and interpret the divine truth inherent in the abstract Platonic Mathematical Realm. Being one with Nature is where beauty exists, being one with logical abstraction is where truth exists, and being centered as one with nature and logical abstraction is where reality exists, it is being one with reality that is divine and above the realm of being one with the beauty of the universe or being one with the truth of logical abstraction alone. However, the unspoken thing that this leaves is ego, and being one with reality allows people to find their place in the universe and to discover their true function therein....of course, however I'm a rational objectivist though.

Buddha of Hollywood said...

@ Quantum - I've been working all night changing my blog appearance and my brain is fried at this point.
I'll have to read your comment again tomorrow but right now I'm thinking we both are thinking the same way but we express our thoughts differently.
So our differences - after all - could be a matter of semantics not substance :)

Buddha of Hollywood said...

PS: How do you like the new look?

Quantum_Flux said...

love it

Flight said...

All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree.
Albert Einstein

I think math and Science offers many undeniable truths. Everything (giving the time to study it) we know can be broke down into a mathematical pattern. I find that truly amazing and spiritual. Just because we know the Why doesn't make the What any less beautiful, in fact I find it more so.

We and all we know ,touch,and feel comes from the same stardust (God if you must),Isn't that amazing. And these very ancient building blocks bring this powerful and ever binding energy to every thing they make up , Thats flipin amazing , beautiful , and undeniable.

I want to know all Gods thoughts; all the rest are just details.
Albert Einstein

Flight said...

BTW I like the new look !
But that's not the "Why" for me :)

Quantum_Flux said...

We came from stardust which came from vacuum energy.

Buddha of Hollywood said...

@ Flight - I totally understand you.
I have the same thirst for knowledge :)
I believe that we have that capacity, that ability to tap, to network into this higher knowledge.
We just do not know how to fully use our abilities and rely too heavy on machines and mechanical device - which obviously are not capable to pick up anything spiritual :)

@ Quantum - You are contradicting the very foundation of science you are basing your arguments on.
What ever happened to the law of conservation of mass and energy?
I thought that from vacuum you can't make anything.
How can you get dust from vacuum?

Quantum_Flux said...

It is impossible to create a perfect vacuum BOH. I am not contradiction the conservation laws for energy and momentum when I say that the energy has evolved from the void energy. Consider the following:

Speed of light in a vacuum = 299,792.458 kilometers per second

Magnetic Permeability of a Vacuum = 1.2566×10−6 Henries/meter

Electrical Permittivity of a Vacuum = 8.854 187 817... × 10−12 Farads/meter

Energy = (Mass)*(Speed of Light)^2

Charge-Parity-Time Invesions

Matter-Antimatter Annihilations

I'm just saying....energy has always been around, and probability allows it to evolve in some places while de-evolving in other places of the vast universe.

Quantum_Flux said...

I'm sorry for not giving a better answer to your concerns BOH, I simply don't have it all figured out. However, I am sure that the particle physicists at CERN and the String Theorists will eventually discover how energy came from a vacuum state, and how nature that we are familiar with has thereby evolved.

One thing that you bring up is TIME. Time is a very complicated subject matter. However, wave behaviour could not be understood without time. Frequency of sound, frequency of light, the oscillations of energy, all are dependent on that time variable. It is complicated when people try to understand the subtleties of Ordinary Differential Equations....my response is to listen to the beats of nature, or perhaps the beats of this guy:

Feynman on the Bongos

Quantum_Flux said...

Same thing that I told Bill Gates (he's perhaps interested in Nanochips and Quantum Computing, although nobody really understands quantum physics yet)

Project Tuva

How can a particle act as a wave and a wave act as a particle? The undelying reality is that, so far, only the abstract logic and truth of mathematics can explain it.

This Brazen Teacher said...

"If you and I have lips and voices for kissing and to sing with, who cares if some one eyed son-of-a-bitch invents an instrument to measure spring with." -ee cummings.


Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

I dont have anything to debate and I cant find words to add anything, because everyone actually wrote my exact thoughts and feelings. I just wanted to let you know that you uplifted me with this post :-)

Ted Bagley said...

I think your picture went from being serene to being sublime.

Flight said...

vacuum energy ... that sucks LOL

I know Flux , I know , it really pushes , but that wouldn't be so funny. :)

Buddha of Hollywood said...

@ Brazen - LOL! Xo, Xo, Xo!

@ Mea Culpa - And you uplifted my spirit with your comment :)

@ Ted - Oh Ted you are to kind - blush :)

@ Flight - LOL! I thought just the same :)