Friday, July 7, 2017

The TAO of Happiness

Some people want power, some people want wealth.
Some people want fame, some people want success.
But why do we want the things we want?
We do it because we believe that getting what we want will make us happy.

But are the successful, rich, famous, powerful and influential happier than the rest of us?
Are the divorce rates, suicide rates lower for them ten us?
Are they less prone to depression, anxiety, pain, and suffering?
Well, I don’t have any scientific data but empirical evidence and common sense point to a negative answer.
Getting what you want will not make you happy.

So what makes people happy?

Have you ever been in love? Then you know what happiness is.
Having a circle of people close to us emotionally it is one of the greatest factors in our happiness.
Having somebody to share your joy with just makes your joy so much larger.
Having somebody to share your pain and suffering with is the best medicine.

Acts of kindness.
Next to love there in nothing more rewarding than an act of kindness.
Helping a person in need, rescuing a stray animal, showing empathy to a stranger is one of the greatest experience a person can have.
So why do we see so few acts of kindness in our world, in our lives?
Because we believe that taking is more rewarding than giving.
Is the materialistic way, rich and miserable.

Do you wake up every day all excited to go to work, or do you dread having to put another day in the rat race?
Doing what you love and loving what you do, is our next great source of satisfaction and happiness.
Finding your call in life, cultivating your talents, being creative, should be one of the main concerns and goals in your life.
All the material things should be a reward for us following our dreams not the purpose of our life.

Spiritual Engagement.
Spiritual people are happier and healthier than the rest of the population.
That is because a rich spiritual life is conducive to a Positive Mindset, Optimism, Mindfulness, and Gratitude.
Practicing meditation has been scientifically proven to have tremendous health benefits.
It doesn't cost any money, it doesn't need expensive equipment and you can start doing it right now.

Exercise and Physical Wellbeing
A healthy active life is an easy recipe for happiness. 
There is nothing more useful to burn negative energy than physical activity.

Are you mad at somebody or something? 
Do not think about it. Go to the gym and hit a punching bag.
Not only will you fill better but pretty soon you’ll have fabulous abs.

Your surroundings.
Where you live has more to do with your happiness than you may think.
The quality of life and people surrounding you have a big impact on how you feel and choosing a place to live should take in consideration that factor.

There are studies done around the world measuring people's “happiness” and here there are some of the results of such study:
Norway is considered the happiest country in the world.
Canada is on at number 7 while the United States is on the 14th place.
So why is that? 
Think about it.

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