Monday, July 17, 2017

The Scenarist

Q: Why do Hollywood marriages are perfect?
A: Because they are only two hours long.
Humor aside, why do we have so many happy endings in the movies?
It is because the screenwriter decides so.

Movies are written before they are produced.

It is not the director of the movie that creates the movie.
It is the scenarist who decides what, when and where things will happen.
It is the script writer that controls the action and the actors in the movie.

The movie director only controls the acting and how the script will be transposed in images.
That’s why when the script sucks even the best director can’t make it into a great movie.

What about real life?
Is there a scenario according to our life unfolds?
Some people believe so and they call it “destiny” some other don’t believe in it and they call it baloney.
But what if I told you your life is a movie?

I am not trying to convince you there is a “destiny” a script according to which your life unfolds.
What I am proposing is that in life there are actors, scenarists and directors just like in Hollywood.
The only difference is that they all work at the same time and there is only one movie that runs forever called “The Reality” although it would be more appropriate to call it “The Human Play”

Who are the actors in this movie?
Well, basically anybody alive. If you are breathing you have a role, a part to play in this this “reality.”
So then, who are the directors and scenarists?

The directors in this production are what we call “the leaders” and they can be as small as the head of a family or a McDonald manager and as big as the head of GM or Donald Trump.
Their role is to turn the various “scenarios” into reality.
But who write these scenarios who are the scenarists?

Well, the scenarist are people of vision, people not satisfied just to react at what happens  to and around them but decide instead to control their life and what happens around them.
They are also very varied from the young entrepreneur starting a business in his garage to the powerful think tank groups that are dissecting and analyzing our world.
They are usually much harder to point out and there are a lot of “conspiracy” theories surrounding them.

Have you ever heard of the groups of people that control our destiny, of “Illuminati” or any of the other “secret” societies?
Do really rich people try to control our society to “script” our “reality”?
Of course they do.

We all do.
Don’t you try to do your best for you, your family, your relatives and friends?
Of course you do. So why would rich people be any different? And why are you expecting them to behave any different?
The question is not are they doing it but how much “collusion” is there in their efforts?

The answer doesn’t matter. Even if you knew the truth there is nothing you can do about it.
What is important is to understand that your life is a “movie” and you are an actor.
Do you like the “role” you are playing?
Well. If you don’t is time for you to sit down and write yourself a better scenario.

That is the key point WRITE IT DOWN if it is not written down it’s just an empty dream pipe.

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