Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Jesus – The sequel

I have this idea for a movie. It goes something like this:
An unimaginable cosmic event occurs. The whole universe disappears except the Sun and Earth.
The scientist shit their pants and the whole word goes into a hysterical panic.
The sky opens up and an army of angels descends over the Washington DC and Jesus Christ makes his return back to earth as the King of kings and ruler of Earth.

Jesus addresses the world on every media available; TV station, podcast, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter etc.
He brings the world the most unbelievable news. His death has paid all human debt and all our sins past, present, and future are forgiven.
There is, however, a little problem.

Satan has opposed the deal as unfair to the dark side and in order to seal the deal with Jesus, he will get this little caveat added to the Jesus – Humanity deal.
Everybody goes to hell for the amount the wealth they have. 1 year of hell for every dollar.

So if you have let’s say a 250000$ house a car, a saving and checking account and all your other belongings, say about 50000$ for a grand total of 300000$.
Then you will spend 300000 years in hell before you can join Jesus in paradise.
Also, anybody trying to burn their money, literarily or figuratively speaking, or find a loophole and cheat Satan of his share will automatically go to Hell for all eternity.

So now, what do you thing will happen to humanity?
How will, people react? How will people change their behavior?

Obviously, everybody will try to get rid of their wealth but remember you cannot just throw away your money, it has to be a legitimate cause, like saving the polar bears or building schools where the schools are need it.
Obviously, the debt will become the most precious commodity. Anybody in debt automatically goes to heaven.
Poor countries, like Greece with a huge deficit, will become the richest country in the world because remember debt is something everybody wants J

There are also other funny scenarios, like: Nobody wants a luxury car anymore. If you couldn’t leave without a car you would want to buy the cheapest car available, so now what would the automakers do?
Then when you want to apply for a car loan what would the banks do? Would they charge you an interest, or give you incentives, like a paid luxury vacation just to take their money?

Of course, you can say no problem; if you are filthy rich you just continue to live the way you die you just pass your wealth to your children and relatives, and so on and so forth.
But how do you know when you going to die? And one more thing since all sins are forgiven, including murder what would stop anyone from killing you just for fun?

Oh, the possibilities for fun and tragedy are endless!
Do you have any ideas to add?

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