Monday, July 10, 2017

Row, row, row your boat…

Let’s imagine for a minute that you are in heaven. 
In heaven the streets are paved with gold, the weather is always gorgeous, you have everything you desire and life couldn’t be more perfect.
However, there is one small inconvenience; there is not much to do.

Here you are, singing praise to the Lord day after day and doing all the other heavenly things you do in heaven - you can see my knowledge of heaven is pretty lousy – So after an eternity or two, you begin to get bored.
How much perfect everything can one soul stand? 

So you go to God and say: Father this is getting pretty boring. You are God for God‘s sake can’t you come up with something fun to do? 
So God comes up with this crazy idea. 

Let’s open a water park. I’ll make a ride for you, I’ll call it life.
I’ll make these little dinghies, we’ll call them human bodies, you get on one of them and I’ll push you down this stream of water called time.
To make it more interesting I’ll make some up and downs some unexpected turns, dark tunnels, whirlpools, the works.
What do you say? 

You are all excited and say: Hurray put me on!
So here you are, strapped into your human body and after 9month of climbing in this dark tunnel, you start your life ride.
And here you are going down the stream, twisting and turning, hopping and sliding, kicking and screaming and then you get to the end of the ride and say: Whew! That was fun! Let’s do it again.

OK, so you may say that I am wrong, that life is not a water park ride. 
That life is absolutely and completely serious business. 

But here I am in my dinghy – I have a body don’t I? And here you are in yours going down the river of time. 

You can’t stop time from flowing, can you?
No matter what you do, tomorrow the sun will rise.
No matter what you do, you will go up and you will go down.
You will scream and shout trying to take control of your life but life will just keep on going with its unpredictable events.
Like it or not there is another twist and another turn just when you think you have figured it out.

And guess what?

It is going to be just the same from now on until the end of the ride.
So why are you kicking and screaming for? Slow down and sing with me: 
Row, row, row, your boat, happy down the stream.
Merely, merely, merely. Life is but a dream!

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