Friday, July 21, 2017

Mirror Mirror…

How do you see yourself?
When asked this question people will respond something along these lines:
Tall, short, fat slim, pretty, handsome, intelligent, smart, creative, funny, rich, poor, young, old etc.
None of these answers are correct. The only correct answer is:
“In the mirror” or more explicitly “The way other people see me”

Of course, you think that’s not true.
You KNOW who you are without anybody telling you who you are.
You know you are tall because you have measured your height and you know for a fact you are 6’ 9” feet tall. Right?
But here is the catch. The Empire State Building is 1454 feet high; you are not even close to that, you are a midget, an ant compared with that. Right?

So why do you think you are tall?
You think that because you are comparing and being compared with the rest of the population.
You see yourself as tall because the average height of men is 5’10” but if the average height would have been 7’10” then you would see yourself as short. See my point?
The other people, they are the true measurement of your height, not the measuring tape.

So besides being an interesting observation is the way we see ourselves important?
Yes! It is actually much more important than we think.
That image we have about ourselves is what determines who we are, who we’ll become and the quality of life we’ll experience.

The way we see ourselves determine our actions.
If you think you’re short you will limit your dating and mating options.
If you think you are not smart enough you will limit your career and business potential.
If you think you lack a certain talent you will limit your creativity.
How we see ourselves it is what makes or breaks us.

Here’s the catch. We don’t realize that our image is not our real image.
Our image is a reflection of what the society values are not of who you are.
That is a debilitating fact. That is what keeps us from becoming and accomplishing what we want.
You are not who you think or who other think you are.

If you are dating the girl of your dreams you are tall, handsome and confident. No matter what anybody says.
If you are running a successful business you are smart and business savvy. No matter what anybody thinks.
If you are allowing your talent to be expressed you are a creative artist. No matter what any critic says.

You have to stop living up to the society’s expectation and start living to your full potential.
Stop looking in the mirror for validation and to become instead the mirror by all values are measured.

You have to stop asking: “Mirror, mirror who am I?” and start saying “Watch me world this is who I really am!”

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