Monday, July 24, 2017

Mind Power

Know your mental strength and use it.
Discover your mental potential.
Explore what works and what doesn’t work for you, then use it.
The human mind is like a muscle.
The more you use it the stronger it gets.

We have a very poor understanding of how the human mind works.
And by “we” I don’t mean you and me, I mean the whole humanity, scientists and all.
The one thing I am absolutely sure of is that the human mind doesn’t work like the rest of the world.

The human mind is not concrete, like a house made of bricks, it is fluid.
The human mind is relative and in that world, 1 + 1 doesn’t always equal 2.

In your mind whatever you believe is real, it is real.
In your mind whatever you believe it works, it works and if you believe it doesn't work it doesn't.
In your mind, if you believe you can you can and if you believe you can’t you can’t.

So that basically explains why some things work for some people and some things don’t.
Some people use visualization and swear is the miracle path to mind empowerment.
I have an analytical mind and visualization doesn’t work for me.
But I can plan things. I can set up goals, make plans and solve problems when they arise.

Hypnosis works for some people but again that doesn’t work for me.
Somebody said I’m not suggestible but if you come to me with a good suggestion I am very open to it.
I have listened to Ted Talks that have literally given me a jolt of confidence and energy.
So why can I accept some suggestions, ideas and not the other?

Meditation works for me, and it is what I consider the miracle path to mind empowerment.
But I know people that totally hate it and consider it a waste of time.
Yet they use prayer or chant mantra, which for me doesn’t do much.

So when you look at all those “mind” enhancing technics and their promises and claims they make
you have to be very skeptic and pragmatic about it.
Before accepting or rejecting anything, give it a try.

Keep an open mind and jump into it.
Try, Yoga, Thai Chi, Reiki, Hypnosis, Self Hypnosis, Meditation, Breathing Exercises, Acupuncture, Feng Shui, Christal Therapy, Aroma therapy, go Vegan for a month or do whatever you think may benefit you.
Give it a try. If it works; perfect it. If it doesn’t work discard it.

But whatever you do, do not try to force it.
If analyzing and planning your life is not your “thing” don’t do it just because you know you need it.
Have somebody else do it for you.
There are practically any types of professional help available to you, from financial planning to life coaching, from career counseling to family therapy.

Fulfill your potential. Create your own destiny.
If you are not good at something, that’s OK, it means that you are good at something else.
If you are not good at anything, that’s OK, it means you are very good at nothing.
You just have to find something where being excellent at nothing is very valuable like going into politics.

Remember if life gives you lemons; make lemonade.

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