Monday, January 12, 2009

Vacation is over!

I love vacations:
I love the anticipation, the preparations, the adventure, the discovery, the people and places, the laughter and joy, the memories that last a life time.
The only thing I don’t like about vacations is the time warp.
Why do they have to be so damn short?
Why when you have fun, time seems to fly and when you are in one of life embarrassing or painful episodes, time seems to slow to a stop?
Good question!

Like it or not, between the maternity ward and the crematorium – I find the burial process rather creepy – we have but a brief moment of time to experience joy, love and happiness, and even before we realize this impermanence of life, the experience is over.

Life is a journey and what makes this journey worth the effort are the little moments of happiness we manage to steal from the mundane and ordinary struggle for survival, our little vacations from life.
The picnics in the park, the bicycle rides, the weekend excursions.
Taking the kids to a movie, a museum, a concert or an amusement park.
Going trick or treating on Halloween, buying a Christmas tree and decorating it. Opening presents on Christmas Eve.
Having a Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends or watching the 4th of July fire works.
These and many more are the little “roses” on the side of life’s road, that make the journey worth while.
We should stop and smell the roses more often. I know I will. It is part of my New Year resolution.
See: Are you enlightened?

I love vacations.
They recharge my batteries and give me energy and purpose.
They enrich my life, my mind and soul, and coming back home they make me appreciate more what I have. Vacations give me a new perspective on life.
How would you experience what you have if you would never let it go?
So my advice to you:
Don’t ever pass an opportunity to take a vacation.
Don’t ever pass an opportunity to smell the roses.

Be loved!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Have a great re-charged 2009.

Talon said...

Love the photo - a true winter wonderland.

You're right - too often people forget to take the time to simply be...

Happy 2009 to you!

Lydia said...

Wonderfully true and beautifully written.
So good to have you back. Keep the vacation spirit and take it easy getting back into the flow of your life.

laughingyogini said...

What a great post to read about spending time as a human "being" - now while I am in the midst of a virtual retreat!
So what is it about slows; it speeds....the past and future are contained in the present....I'm trying to "Feel" my way into the whole concept rather than thinking because thinking has gotten me nowhere with "time."
Any thoughts?

Buddha said...

@ laughingyogini - I believe that our body is carved in and from the physical, material world and our spirit, mind is carved in and from time.
Time is the fabric of our ideal world and existence.
I know that all thoughts and emotions are made of time and I can feel how time is changing my thoughts and emotions, I just wish that my thoughts could influence time as well.
Through time we connect spiritually and for those who understand time and can control it all that is magic comes to life.

Maat said...

Buddha, just read your comment on my blog and appreciate you stopping by to say "Hello". Thank you! I've been reading some of your Enlightment posts...enjoying them very much! Living on the East coast, however, time for me to disappear into the ether and be renewed for whatever delights tomorrow brings but it will be a joy to return and, with your permission, may I add you to my blogroll?


maat said...

Didn't quite make it 'gone' yet, (last email check). Appreciate your response, particularly since I am of like-mind. People are courteous enough to check out my blog...of course I will both respond and reciprocate. But I was not simply being polite about your blog. Being a very curious/interested 'work in progress' (spiritually) your blog realy interests me.

You love and be loved

Lori said...

I hope your 2009 is proving to be all you want.

It's a lovely picture. Hope you were able to smell the snowmen.

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog today!