Saturday, January 17, 2009

Enlightenment 103

The basic principle of going from point “A” to point “B” is to know what and where point “A” and “B” are.

We usually don’t have a problem locating the point “B”.
We all want a better life; we all aim for a better point “B” whatever that might be: love, power, fame, enlightenment, etc. but very few of us know and understand where we are standing, or what our point “A” is.

That is the reason why so many of us are stuck in bad lives, bad careers, alcohol and drug addictions, depression and low self esteem, dysfunctional and / or abusive relationships and all kind of self destructive behavior.
Recognizing the problem is half of solving it.

Now, there are as many “A” points as there are people and it would be impossible to give a general advice, a magic bullet that would identify all and every problem possible but for our specific quest here is where we stand:
We are looking for enlightenment, which is our goal or point “B”
We are all ignorant, that is were we stand, which is our point “A”

I know it is very hard and many of you will reject this statements – I know I did it too.
Nobody wants to admit their ignorance but give me a chance to explain:

What ignorance is or better I should spell it ignore-ance, it is not a lack of knowledge or education, is not stupidity or lack of mental ability.
Ignore-ance is that inability to see a problem from our opponent’s point of view, it is that belief that we are right and they are wrong.
Ignore-ance is the belief in the illusion of our own thinking without questioning or doubting.
Ignore-ance is believing that we are doing everything right in our life despite the fact that our life, the result of our so called “right” thinking, is less than perfect, less than that what we have envisioned.
Ignore-ance is the colored glasses that we all wear and distort our view of reality.
Ignore-ance is the opposite side of enlightenment and if you don’t see it is quite OK. Nobody can really see the glasses on their nose!

500 years ago or so, people believed that the earth was flat.
They were ignorant of the many signs that pointed the other way until the day somebody went around the world and proved that the earth was round.
Now days everybody believe that the earth is round – well almost everybody.
We are all ignorant of all the many signs that point the other way.
I just came back from skiing in Utah and believe me the earth is not round.
The earth has mountains and valleys and a lot of canyons and volcanoes and deserts, you know the works.
The truth is that the earth has a unique shape and no other planet in the universe is exactly like it. The earth is shaped like the earth. It is that it is.

Being ignorant is believing that the earth is flat or round.
Being enlightened is to know that flat and round are just two different points of view.
Being enlightened doesn’t mean knowing more but knowing that what you know is just a point of view.
Being enlightened is to know that you are wearing the colored glasses of your ignorance and being able to take them off and see beyond the illusion.

Are you ready to take off your glasses and take a peak beyond the illusion?
Then stick around, there is more to come.


Anonymous said...

I think the entire world suffers from Ignore-ances of one kind or another. I look forward to more info.

Uku said...

Right here, right now! Thank you

Talon said...

This is interesting. The old expression, "Ignorance is bliss" kept running through my mind. Getting beyond ignorance, for some, is very scary.

I'm looking forward to more, buddha.

TinaCali said...

Very interesting. I'm glad I found your blog!

Buddha said...

@ Aggie – Yup! Unfortunately you are absolutely right.

@ Uku – Thank you for bringing your enthusiasm to my blog. I am looking forward to an interesting dialog.

@ Tallon – Oh, the fear of unknown… Just look at it as a discovery, as an adventure. Have some fun!

@ Tina – And I am glad that you have joined our little band of rebels. Welcome!

CG Walters said...

Thank you for your work.

...point A and point B are the same place, from a different perspective.

Enlightenment is the natural state that returns when we release the illusory perceptions that we work so hard to maintain.

What is enlightenment except maya in a state of peace?
Truth is but a resting place until the next revelation.....

blessings and continued inspiration..

Lydia said...

Yes, I am ready to follow where you are going in these posts. You've begun the new year in a wondrous manner!
O, how I loved the way you pointed out that the earth is not round! Brilliant!

Jackie said...

Thanks for the visit.

Interesting posts looking forward to more.

molly said...

Great post. So many layers to the onion, so many.....
Happy letting them drop...

Karl Staib - Work Happy Now said...

It's hard to remove the glasses of ignorance. When we remove one pair another seems to magically appear on our face. I think that's a metaphor for the "path".

We need to be willing to keep removing our latest lens of ignorance until life becomes more clear. The more we try to remove lenses the less hold they will have on our decisions, helping us see the truth in every situation.

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog :o).

I don't really have any ideas of how to get picky kids to eat veggies, since I don't have any kids yet :o). But I remember my mom made up funny names for all the veggies to entice us to eat them. For example, she called "cauliflower" "mongo pongo"

Buddha said...

@ CG – That is what we are working on right now, to crack that illusory perception.

@ Lydia – You are too kind to me. Thank you so much for being my friend!

@ Jackie – Thank you Jackie. I am looking forward to a fruitful dialog.

@ Molly – lets see if we can make it a piece of cake – layered cake of course 

@ Karl – That would be ideal, to remove the glasses of ignorance permanently. Even if people would just realize and accept the fact that we are under an illusion would be a wonderful accomplishment.

@ Chocolate Covered Vegan – It is a struggle but we have to eat our veggies. Thank you for stopping by!

Giovanna Garcia said...

For me enlighten means I keep my heart and mind open. That is what I think of be enlighten. And Ignorance means a closed heart and mind.
That is my bumble thinking.

Thank You,
Giovanna Garcia
Imperfect Action is better than No Action

Spiritual Blogger said...

I can feel how much depth of perception has gone into this article, BOH, as with all your work. It's a gift to discern multiple realities. A lot of people just see what is right in front of them and point A and point B are entirely separate.

Ted Bagley said...

I subscribe to the notion that the Four Noble Truths are cut into one pair and another pair A and B, with me standing in the middle at C, and saying that A+C=C+-A. A being I and C being the Self and = being the way to each shore.The structure of a speaking being.