Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Devil's Advocate

This picture is provided by: Derick

Any student of Zen Buddhism knows about the “middle way” path and would not adventure into any extreme positions.
No respectable practitioner would make any of the outrageous statements that are littering my posts.

I have to confess: I am a trouble maker.
I am taking the most extreme paths not because I am ignorant but because I hate ignorance.
I’ve been playing the Devil’s advocate and if any serious challenger to my positions would appear, I would have little chances of defending them.

As I started writing my blog about my spiritual quest, I came to the realization that the best thing about blogging is its great potential for social, human interaction.
I love people and their stories and as much as I love telling stories I also love to hear them.
I decided this blog should be a forum for people and ideas and it looks like my wish is slowly turning into reality.
I have met a group of wonderful people and I can say that all the people you see in this little group are highly intelligent, open minded and tolerant.
Who else would have put up with my shenanigans?

I have met Lydia – one of my oldest friends.
She is the one that have pierced through my disguise and realized that Buddha of Hollywood is just a high wire act not the person behind it.
She has given me her unconditional friendship and I have given her mine.
If you want to meet an extraordinary human being you have to visit her blog.
She is amazing! I just wish I was that good.

I have also met the Clandestine Samurai.
A fierce free spirit with a mind sharp as a katana, that doesn’t mind to speak his mind.
A rare quality that I admire greatly. He is also one of the people with amazing writing talent. Just take a look at his work!
Life: The Dynamic
Literary Memento

Finally I have met Ted Bagley, another student of Zen.
He is the first to give me trouble with my philosophy – so I had to write this post to straighten up some things.
There are no masters only students in this blog.
I am not a leader or looking to be one. I don’t want people to follow me and I am not following anyone.
I am writing this blog as a journal to my spiritual search.
The road is long and treacherous and I would like some friends to come along.
So, anyone who would like to be my companion and friend to this journey is welcome.

This blog is and will remain an open forum for all people their ideas, stories and experiences and hopefully this will be a place for open dialog and spirited debates.
I thank you all my friends for being part of this blog and remember:
“If you meet Buddha along the road, kill him with stones!”


Ted Bagley said...

Let's skip!

Uku said...

Thank you for your honesty. All the best, Dharmafellow!

With palms together,

Barry said...

I suggest that, as the person/blog known as the "Buddha of Hollywood," you have a duty to be troublesome, outrageous, and extreme. The Great Buddha Way is nothing but troublesome, outrageous and extreme. It's not for the well-behaved, timid, and easy-going. Thank you for walking along the boulevard of the stars!

Anonymous said...

Well behaved is no fun ... stirring the pot moves the cooking on! And your fellow bloggers help season the food. We aim for tasty?

Chatty Crone said...

Just found your Blog today - you've done a lot in 'just' four months. And yes you are an emotional and thought provoking person. I enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by my Blog.

caroline said...

Hi - thanks for dropping by. Welcome to the world of blogging - I haven't been blogging for so long myself, but there are an estimated 300 million other blogs out there at least, so you are far from alone.

PS - not sure playing Devil's Advocate is the same as being a trouble maker - I constantly find value in explaining the other side of an argument - there usually is one and presented well it provide valuable insight. USUALLY sometimes I get things thrown at me!


footiam said...

You seem like a nice person. But then, I have always be on the Devil's side.

Brigit said...

I think your blog is very thought provoking, extreme yes, but hey, your not boring.

cokakiz said...

Good you're not appearing as a 'respectable practitioner' as it adds interest to your posts. Also troublemaking can be a tool to clear the air of troubles.

Poppy said...

I agree with Barry: Buddhism - whether explored in-depth or just incorporated into daily life - definitely incorporates a goodly amount of boat-rocking and going against the accepted way. It's no surprise that it is such a popular philosophy with enlightened punks and other rebellious spirits!

Lydia said...

You, my friend, are so kind with your compliments. Made my day, just as your blog and friendship have made many of my days deeper, brighter, lighter.

I love following the progression of your blog, seeing your group grow and flow. Wonderful.

Hey, didn't you have something you wanted me to post at my other blog? Is it still a work in progress?

The Acolyte Tao said...

Happy blog-anniversary, I suppose it'd be mine too because this is my first day of having a blog! =D

Liara Covert said...

To make difficult what is supposedly simple is another path to learning. If you believe no path is right or wrong, then you will get something out of all of your choices.

Buddha said...

@ Ted – No problem!

@ Uku – Thank you for being my friend!

@ Barry – He, he, he! I’m happy to find somebody else that thinks that way!

@ Aggie – You are right! Without some hot spices and seasoning, life would be boring!

@ Chatty – And thank you for stopping by and for your kind comment!

@ Caroline – Welcome to my blog Nomadic! I also believe that we should look at the other side of things. Narrow mind ness is a social disease.

@ Footiam – So am I nice or naughty?

@ Brigit – Thank you Brigit! I rather be extreme than boring, that’s for sure!

@ Cokakiz – What is a respectable practitioner?

@ Poppy – Change starts with dissent. Complacency leads to stagnation.

@ Lydia – It is my way to say thank you for being next to me in my journey for so long – 4 month! Can you believe it?
There was a post I wanted you to have but honestly I can’t remember which one. I’ll let you know if I remember – old age you know ;)

@ The Acolyte Tao – happy first day of blogging to you1
stick around , we are a bunch of crazy and wonderful people!

footiam said...

You should be nice and naughty.

Talon said...

I've always enjoyed your views, your observations...and I look forward to reading more.

Buddha said...

@ Fotiam - I tried to visit your blog but you have your profile sharing disabled so I can’t link up with your blog by clicking on your avatar. Can you please send me your blog url so I can pay you a visit?

@ Talon – I enjoy having friends like you. Thank you for your encouragement.

@ Cokakiz & Poppy – same thing as Fotiam. I can’t get to your blogs guys. Pls send me your urls so I can return your visits!

Anonymous said...

*sits down with my sword and meditates*

Thank you for the compliments. I can't follow the reading/writing of blogs as closely as I'd like to, but I will befriend you on your journey when I can. I believe we are all on a journey of some sort, whether we realize it or not.