Monday, September 11, 2017


In the Chinese Philosophy and later in the Zen Buddhist metaphysical teachings Yin and Yang are the fundamental building blocks of the material or the dualistic world.
Yin and Yang are almost unanimously misunderstood and misinterpreted as opposite or contrary forces, mostly because that is the Western concept of the Universe as a battle field not as a cosmic dance floor.

Yin and Yang are complementary, not opposite, they do not cancel each other they define each other just like the woman and man do not cancel each other but complement each other.
Let’s look at this a little closer. Let’s look at two elementary states “HIGH” and “LOW”

Imagine a skyscraper. A person living on the 30 floor will be higher than a person living on the 10th floor but lower than a person living on the 50 floor.
If you imagine a building in space with just one floor you cannot say if that floor is high or low.
Low and High define each other.

Let’s get a little more technical. Let’s look at an AA battery. You have a plus and a minus on it and the battery has a voltage of 1.5 volts which means between the + and the minus there is a difference of 1.5 volts. Let’ now take another battery and connect them together like this + - + -  Now the difference between the first + and the last – is 3 volts. Question is the voltage at the - + connection point negative or positive?

That is a trick question like asking is a person living on the 30th floor high or low.
You cannot define plus or minus, high or low without a reference point.
Plus becomes plus when there is a minus to compare with but it will become a minus if compared with a higher plus just like the high and low are relative to each other.

Are you getting a sense of what I’m trying to say here?
OK then let’s have another little fun fact experiment.
Please add the value of all your possessions. Bank accounts, 401K, investments, houses, cars, jewelry anything you possess – It doesn’t have to be accurate, a rough approximation will do J

Now when you get a rough figure in your head can you tell me are you a rich person or not?
Of course, if you paid any attention to my previous mumbling you will know this is a trick question.
There is no such thing as rich or poor without a reference point.
Rich and poor define each other.

Now you understand or you should begin to understand why this metaphysical BS is so important.
The reality we perceive is a figment of our imagination. When we say I’m poor or rich, tall or short, slim or fat, young or old, happy or miserable it is all relative.

If you think you are something or another, the question following your statement should be “Compared with what?”
By choosing our reference points we choose our happiness or unhappiness.
Pretty damn important don’t you think?
Inconvenient too, since you realize that you are the master of your own perception.
You are the creator of your own reality.

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