Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Spiritual Resonance

Since I can remember I love music. All kind of music rock, pop, folk, jazz, blues, country or classical.
To me, the music is only of two kinds; good or bad.
When I arrived in the USA one my dreams was to buy a state of the art HiFi system and as soon I was able to afford it I did just that.
I don’t want to brag and get into technical details but it was a sweet system with large tower speakers and awesome subwoofer, the best I could afford.

I also bought mint, pristine LPs of all my favorite bands, artists, and composers.
Over the years my investment paid out handsomely, giving me hours and hours of musical bliss.
But none of my musical experiences can compare with the live concerts I’ve attended.
Well, maybe one, I had an almost religious experience listening to Mozart’s Requiem while I was really high.

In 1994 Pink Floyd came to Pasadena’s Rose Ball.
I immediately went online to buy tickets but the tickets sold out so fast the only thing I could get was a really shitty seat.
I was up in the bleachers. The only way to see the band was through a high-powered pair of binoculars and the sound quality was at best mediocre.
But the experience was unbelievable. What I felt was an equaled by any HiFi recording or music system.

There is something about a live performance that transcends sound and sight.
A concert will always be better than a recording. A theater play is always better than a movie.
There is a spiritual experience taking place anytime you are in direct contact with special people or places.
Actually, I believe the feeling is always there but the intensity varies from experience to experience.

Have you ever been in a church, a temple or a spiritual place and have this feeling of enhanced spiritual awareness. It feels like you are surrounded by a higher vibration like you are in contact with a higher realm of existence. It feels like you are in a divine presence.
I call this experience “Spiritual Resonance”

Being a born skeptic I always fought this notion. I always explain it as something that happened in my mind, that in fact, it wasn’t real, that I was the one creating it.
How cannot have overwhelming emotions when you step inside the Notre Dame in Paris? Right?
But after a lifetime of this kind of experiences, I realize that majesty of the site doesn’t always translate into a spiritual experience.

I don’t know if you are familiar with a place called Sedona in Arizona.
By all accounts, this is a native American holly place. A spiritual place where energy vortexes are supposed to manifest. I visited Sedona many times and I was always been blown away by the beauty of the place but I have never had any spiritual experience related to the place.

On the other side of spiritual resonance experience I had, I once joined a friend who was a member of the Agape Spiritual Group and although the gathering place was a warehouse that they rented for the night being there and listening to Michael the reverend, I believe was nothing short of amazing.
Too bad I don’t like organized religions.

So is spiritual resonance real or is it just an experience in your mind?
The answer is Yes and Yes, because reality itself as all the other experiences we have, is created by your mind.
If you don’t believe me go buy some concert or theater tickets and do some scientific experiments on your own.

If you get any other conclusion be sure to share it with the rest of us.

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