Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Who's in control?

Ms. Rosenberg is walking down the street with her two grandchildren all dressed up for the morning Sabbath service.
Ms. Freedman is coming the other way and sees them.
- Oh, my goodness! Are those your grandchildren? I can’t believe how tall they have grown. How old are they now?
Very proud of her grandchildren Ms. Rosenberg replies:
- The doctor is 7 and the lawyer is 9!

Funny or not, 6 out of 10 Americans are unhappy with their career choice.
Yet every morning they wake up and they go to their dreaded jobs week after week, year after year.

We started our lives playing in the sand pan with a shiny red tin truck, dreaming that one day we will drive the real thing, carrying iceberg lettuce from California over the Rocky Mountains, sun gleaming in our eyes, wind blowing in our hair.
And somehow, we wake up one day practicing corporate law, locked up in a stuffy office with a mountain high pile of paper in front of us.
(Or something similarly disappointing)

Somewhere along the way, our shiny red truck of happiness got high jacked by the people wishing our best interests and now some other poor schmuck is driving it over the Rocky Mountains while dreaming of a cushy office job in a law firm in the big city.
(Such is the irony of life.)

So, what the hell just happened to our childhood dreams?
As the immortal John Lennon said:
"Life is what's happening to us while we're busy making other plans."

So stop and ask yourself: Who is in charge of my life?
Am I in charge or there is somebody or something else driving my life and if the latest is the case ask yourself: Am I happy the way he/she/it is running my life?
If not; why don’t you get read of he/she/it and put somebody else in charge?

After all, in charge or not you are still the one responsible for the happiness – or the unhappiness - in your life.

Almost everybody is unhappy with heir life or at least with some aspects of their life but almost nobody is unhappy with the decisions and the actions they make or not.
It is funny how almost everybody wants a better life but almost nobody wants or works to become a better person.

It is funny because even if we want to change our life nobody wants to take charge and responsibility for that change.

The truth is that if you are not in charge of your life somebody or something else is and they are using that power in their own interests, not yours, no matter what they believe or say to you.

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