Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Ask anybody what they think about themselves, what are their worst qualities.
You will get a wide range of answers but one, which in many cases would be the appropriate answer, will never be given. Nobody thinks they are stupid and even when they may say “I was so stupid!” what they really mean is; “I’m such a smart person, how could I’ve done such stupid thing?”
Believe me, people will accept being not so good looking, or in not such good shape even accept or take pride, in not being educated, but nobody will admit they are mentally inferior to the average.

We are not aware of our mental limitations, actually, the more limited the person is the smarter they think they are.It takes a really smart person to realize its mental flaws.
We are limited in our thinking by both lack of facts and limited rezoning power. Actually, on the universal scale of intelligence, humans would be at the very bottom of the list, just one step above the apes.

So looking from that perspective is really easy to understand the society, the people around us and ourselves. The world is the way it is not because we are intelligent being but because we are not as intelligent as we think.

We think we are pretty smart with our technology, our science our computers and internet but biologically speaking we are not any different from our ancestors. If you could somehow bring a baby from ancient Grece and raise it in our time he or she wouldn’t be any different from any of the other kids.

As a society, we have amassed an extraordinary amount of information and that knowledge is growing every day exponentially. As individuals, we cannot be smarter than we are. We can get more educated. We can raise the quality of information we ingest but biologically we are limited by the size of our brains.

What we can do, however, is to become enlightened, to awaken, to overcome our ignorance, our Ego.
Now, I have to be very specific by what “ignorance” is because many understand ignorance as “uneducated”

Ignorance is the state of unawareness, unconsciousness and is not the same as the act of consciously ignoring a fact. For example, there are people ignorant of the fact that our trash is destroying the planet’s ecology but also there are people that know that yet continue the practice of polluting the planet usually for a profit, ignoring the consequences.

The “Ego” is our natural state of ignorance.  The ignorance comes from the fact that the “Ego” defines itself as separate from the outside world, the universe.  This creates a constant state of fear, uncertainty, lack of control, scarcity, both material and spiritual.
All that is an illusion, a creation of our reasoning mind.

To be “Enlightened” is to wake up from that illusion and recognize our true nature.
I am not my “Ego” I am not my “social identity” I am not my “experience”
I am the materialization, the manifestation of the infinite intelligence of the universe.
And that of which I am is immortal, indestructible, infinite.
It is that it is.

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