Thursday, May 4, 2017


The day was over and I was hurrying to grab a meal before putting my lonely and tired bones to rest.
On the deserted street I found a twenty dollar bill. “A lucky gift! A better meal.”
I thought to myself, my hart delighted with joy.
But then a shadow covered my soul. My gain was somebody else’s loss.
I asked myself should I rejoice or should I feel sorrow, for that could have been somebody else’s meal.
So in my shame I threw away the twenty dollar bill. My heart rejoiced again.
My loss could be somebody else’s meal and in a tiny way I made this world a better place.
But then the shadow covered me again. That wasn’t charity was just my ego vanity.
That money wasn’t mine to start with and in my deed I did not lose or gain.
So, in desperation I emptied my pockets and threw away my money…

Tonight I’m going hungry.
I’m going to a restless sleep with an empty belly an empty soul.

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