Monday, May 1, 2017

What can I get from you?

The “Ego” sits alone in the middle of the universe, feeling, weak, poor, helpless and lonely.
 It is the normal emotional state of anyone that thinks it is a separated entity from everything and everybody else. This perceived separation creates the illusion of scarcity. The “Ego” is always poor, always wanting more, no matter how much it has already. And the manifestation of that poverty is the prevalent thought that permeates the human society. “What can I get from you?”
I see this happening more and more. There is desperation, a wave of new methods and tricks of squeezing more and more out of anything and anybody. We have trashed the Earth beyond repair and create poverty and suffering at a global scale in the name of prosperity and progress. We want more and more but never have enough.  It is a false and deadly path and we are driving it 100 miles an hour towards a dead end.
No wealth, material or spiritual has ever been created by taking from others.
All wealth comes from human creativity, from people that have found something others need and fulfilled that need.  Only by giving one can become rich.
The question is not “What can I get from you?” but rather “What can I give you?” Find something that everybody needs and you will be rich beyond your dreams. Creativity is the key to riches.
Not all of us can be bankers and thieves after all J

…Can we?

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