Tuesday, February 4, 2014


“Life is suffering” - Gautama Buddha

For the non initiate this statement appears to be a paradox.
It is like saying here is a stick with only one end or a coin with only one side.

Suffering a and joy can only exist together, like silence and sound, light and darkness.
They define each other and therefore cannot be separated.

Then why such a negative statement from such a positive man?
Why not “Life is wonderful” instead”?

Well, simply put it, it is because it is the truth “Life is suffering” and I’ll tell you why:

Unlike the physical world where everything is ruled by fixed unbendable rules and laws, life has a different nature and different rules or should I say same nature  but definable rules.
If in the real world a one ended stick cannot exist but in life it can.
If in the physical world the law of conservation tells us that nothing can be created and nothing can be lost in life the rule does not apply, In life you can actually lose more than you have.

Let me give you an example that will make it more clear.
After the 2007 house market bubble burst millions of Americans lost their houses to foreclosures and billions of dollars where lost.
Really? Millions of houses and billions of dollars just vanished in thin air?
Absolutely not.
A house and anything else material cannot vanish into nothing.
It is against the laws of nature. In reality the houses and the money did not vanish they just change ownership from one person or institution to another.

So in fact there was no loss at all because in the physical world loss does not exist.
In the physical world nothing is gained nothing is lost it only transforms from one form to another.
In the phisical world all balances to zero. But not in life.

You were born with nothing you still have nothing and you will die with nothing at all.
So what’s the problem, why are so many people unhappy for no reason at all?
Try to tell that to a family that just lost their house.

Are we trillions of dollars in debt? Absolutely not.
If the tax payers are trillions of dollars in debt that means the banks are trillion dollars in gain.
Negative money  or anti money  can not and do not exist. All check books are balanced.
So what’s the problem why is everybody stressed and upset about nothing?
Try to tell that to the tax payer.

So the point is that in life the math of the physical world does not apply.
Everything does not account for, joy and sorrow does not cancel each other.

In life suffering prevails.

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