Saturday, February 15, 2014


You can dissect a bird to the last bone, feather and strand of muscle and you can learn everything about each little piece, each part of the marvelous creature but in the end you would have missed the most important thing about the bird.
The essence of the bird it is not in its feathers and bones, not in its parts but in that subtle and  invisible magic that takes place when all the parts work together.
The essence of the bird can only be found in its flight.
 It is the flight that gives meaning to the bird.
You can look at life, your life or just life in general.
You can marvel at the people, places and things but you wouldn’t know anything about life.
People places and things are just parts.
They are the stage, the background, the props and the actors into a larger play.  
It is in that invisible connection, in the interaction of people and things that the magic of life is created, that gives life its meaning.
It is in that context and that context only that your life has meaning, could have meaning.
I am sitting here in front of my computer, connected to millions of people but in essence I am alone.
Is this technology a bridge that unites us or the wall that separates us?
Is this the path to a higher meaning of life or the path to a meaningless existence?
We live in a civilization of things not one of meanings.
Without meanings we become objects, parts of a soulless machine that produces garbage, that pollutes and destroys the nature that is the cradle of life, the cradle of the human species
You can dissect life to its minute parts roles and players.
You can study sociology, economy, psychology and all the other ologyes but you will not find the meaning of life. 
The meaning of life is this.
 You sitting in front of your computer connected to millions of people but in essence alone.
It is that it is.

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