Wednesday, February 5, 2014


We are the extension, the manifestation and the materialization of the infinite intelligence of the universe. In the creation we can see the perfection of God.
But our lives are our own creations, the extension and manifestation of our egos and in them we can see our imperfection and we experience our suffering.
Life is suffering not because it is so but because we make it so.
I now a man can spend his whole life in the torment of suffering without having anything to suffer about.
A jealous man married to a beautiful woman, needs no reason for his jealousy.
He will live his life of continuous torture and drag everybody around him in his nightmarish sickness.
It doesn’t matter that his is wife has never done anything to cause such pain. It doesn’t matter that she was totally devoted, faithful and loving to him. His jealousy is the nightmare created in his own mind and it will devour him like a disease.
It is our capacity of thinking and imagining things that do not exist and give them power over our emotions that creates suffering.
We can speculate about things that have not yet happened, of planning and worrying about a future that is not real yet and that my never come to fruition that gives us the power to create suffering out of nothing.
It is our capacity to remember things, to recall past events, past pain real or imaginary, our ability of dwelling in the sorrow of the “I should have, could have, would have”  that creates suffering out of nothing.
It is in the immaterial confines of our imagination that the poison of suffering is brewing not in the reality of our daily lives.
It is in the prison of reason that we create an imaginary past and future, that we create the stage where the bulk of our suffering drama takes place.
It is rarely that we found sorrow in the moment of here and now.
Life is suffering not because it is so but because we make it so.

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