Sunday, February 2, 2014


Let me put it this way, you have two choices:

You can believe that your actions are the results of your thoughts, your thoughts are the results of chemical reactions in your brain and the chemical reactions in your brain are determined by strict physical laws that you can’t control.

Or you can believe your that actions are determined by free will that governs your thoughts, that determines the chemical reactions in your brain, that you are controlling the very physical laws that govern the universe. And if that sounds very farfetched to you, check out some of the quantum mechanics experiments, like the famous double slit experiment that proves that the observer of the physical world can actually determine the result of an experiment by merely observing it.

I believe in free will, I believe in an intelligent universe. I refuse to believe in an universe governed by immutable physical laws. I refuse to believe that my actions are determinate by these laws, that  my life my existence it is just a consequence of pre determined factors. I refuse to believe in a material universe.
This immaterial existence implies that everything we experience is the manifestation of an universal intelligence. That we live in a virtual reality. In that sense our existence is just a dream.
The human ego that identifies itself as the thinker as famously expressed by Descartes’ “I think therefore I am” is just an illusion. The thinker which then would be “ I am therefore I dream” is not the ego but the silent presence and witness behind our experiences.

And coming back to the question that started my diatribe:
Is it possible to wake up from a dream if you don’t know you are dreaming?
Can you attain enlightenment through your ego, through your rational processes?
Or do you have to go behind the material illusion of reality. To separate yourself from your ego dream and awake the dreamer behind the experience you call life?

Just something to  think or dream about.


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