Monday, February 24, 2014


What is value?
Is value a quality intrinsic to the object, action or person, or is it a quality dictated by outside factors?
Is it your personal worth determine by who you are or determined by who people think you are?
Is value a universal constant or is it a variable that fits our needs?
What is your worth? How do you quantize that value?
Have you ever look at a child’s treasure trove?
It is the most worthless pile of junk you’ll ever see in one place. It is a total random collection of, pebbles, bits of colored glass, bits of cloth, strings, marbles of all size and color, dried leaves and flowers, miniature toys or parts and pieces of toys, beads, pieces of jewelry, trinkets that should belong in the trash can and anything else you would love to throw away.
What value would you put on a child treasure chest?
So when did you threw away your childhood treasure trove?
When did you lost the sense of wonder and joy?
We are born without our wants but certainly we are born with our needs.
A study done a long time ago on child development discovered that without love, affection and human contact a new born will wither and die. I don’t understand why as human being we had to do research on that, I thought everybody knew it, everybody was born with it, but then again I am not a scientist I don’t need an explanation for the way I feel.
I look at my little one cuddled up in her bed with her “blankie” a torn piece of her old blanket.
It doesn’t do anything to protect her but it gives her what she needs. The feeling of safety and security.
When did we lose the need for love and affection, for the comfort and warm of the human touch?
When did we exchange it for Face book and Twitter?
When did success became more important than our needs?
When did we exchange joy and wonder for the rat race?
When did we abandon the little child inside in exchange for the career professional?
When did we exchange our “blankies” for check books and credit cards?
But most important why?
What is value?
How do you measure it?
Have you more riches than the child’s treasure trove?
What’s your worth?