Saturday, March 21, 2009

On the human nature

One thing I discovered, or maybe rediscovered about being human, is that we have a lot of undiscovered abilities and qualities.
The human mind is as fascinating and vast as the physical universe and as deep and wondrous as the blue oceans, yet we know more about our universe and our oceans than about our own mind, and that bothers me.
You don’t have to be an astronaut or a deep sea diver to explore the human nature.
You just have to sit down and relax and you are at the doors of the most exciting discovery adventure of your life!

I have a passion for studying the human nature and of course for finding out new things about myself.
It is a blessing and a curse at the same time.
A blessing because I keep of rediscovering myself in characteristics and aspects I never knew before – some of them positive and some of them of the negative sort as well.
It is a curse because I feel like I am always on shifting sand, just when I think I have it all figured out, my whole belief system comes crumbling down.

For a while I was kind of upset with this situation, it drove me mad, but then some how I learned to like it an look forward to the next incoming disaster.
The problem is that my thoughts are always scattered and although some how it all makes sense to me, every time I am trying to write abut my experiences I get lost on tangents and secondary thoughts and my posts don’t come out as fluid and connected as I envision when I start at the keyboard.

Of course I thought of writing down a plan, but it turned out that it was more difficult than I thought and I got into the same time crisis and of course I gave up.
How do people write a post every day, and then have time for commenting and socializing as well? I wonder.

So here I am again rambling without a notion of where I am going.
I guess I just wanted to apologize for being such a scattered brain.
I am not trying to frustrate anybody I am just being myself.

In my years of therapy practice I have come to the understanding that each individual is unique and the only reason we are not in a constant shock is because we are artificially conforming to accepted standards of social behavior.

We all dress more or less alike, look alike, talk alike and apparently are not very different that the next person, and if some of us dare to challenge the accepted social taboos we promptly marginalize and isolate them.
They become the so called “subculture”.

The truth is that we are so much more diverse and the range of behavior, taste and philosophy we have it is so vaste that each one of us would be considered a weirdo if we would let go of the self imposed social censorship.

Yeah, like you never thought to go to work and let them know what you really think about their company, or you never read one of my posts and wanted to go “WTF are you talking about, are you mentally retarded or what?”
That would be fine because I am as weird as they come but then again you wouldn’t ever get bored with me and my posts :)


Anonymous said...

WTF ... are you mentally retarded or what?
Lol! So, maybe we just all think we are so totally unique that what we can't handle is how much we all really do have in common?
I get more scatterbrained as I get older ... but I don't worry about it as much as I used to, because even if you did figure yourself out - you still kark it anyway.

Diego said...

Sometimes, by leaving a comment, I feel I am putting a graffiti tag, but I want to let you know that I know that I stopped and enjoyed a moment here. Is that retarded?

Laura said...

I'm trying to understand why you think that being scattered and easily off on a tangent is not the natural state for us? How many of us, really, are able to prevent herself from finding unusual connections and thoughts when a simple thought is presented to you? Wouldn't that be the natural state of our minds and shouldn't that be honored instead of the clamping down to conformity and sanctioned thoughts?

Flight said...

If your not weird your a weirdo

Argent said...

Great post! There really is no end to the things you can find out about yourself so long as you keep looking. I still manage to surprise myself from time to time - sadly, it's usually because I'm disoppointed with myself. Sometimes, though, now and then, I actually exceed my own expectations and that's a GOOD day!

Diomedies said...

You once wrote about how your first 13 months in the US was the most focused and comfortable months of your life. I've had a near identical experience at a private academy. If I described it to anyone it would have sounded like hell, but it was the most clear and focused months of my life.

What happened?

I think having a focused mind is definitely on the path to buddhahood, if I may use the phrase.

Do you find that the scattered mind is dependent on the voices and noise in your head?

When you drive a car you can drive without the voices or noise in your head and preform flawlessly. Can you do that in daily life?

Talon said...

Wouldn't it be boring if you had it all figured out? What would be the joy of living if everything were known? What would a day bring if there was nothing new to discover?

Scatterbrain? I don't think that's a bad thing...I think it gives someone lots to feast on.

Psiplex said...

The fresh observations each of us brings to the play make the world go round. Looking back, some of the most scattered and weird folks I have met, even for very brief durations left me wanting their company again years later. They were preferable to the more pedestrian folks who only thought of themselves as illustrious or important. Just be you and that is your gift to existence.

Sylvie said...

You know, I don't find you at all scatter brained. Usually you're pretty insightful. Isn't it wonderful to be able to work on yourself like a sculptor with a stone, taking out all the bits that don't look like the person you want to be :)
There is a expression in the business world "grow or die." I think it's true for human beings as well, when we stop growing... you get the idea.

Buddha said...

@ Aggie – We have things in common by measure of approximation.
The bigger the approximation, the more we look alike.
The closer you look, the more different you are.

@ Diego – It is a form of dialog Diego. Feel free to jump in at any time.
If I wanted people not to comment I would have disabled my comment box.

@ Laura – I like my scatter brain but also I would like some time to be able to focus and extract the essence of my thoughts. I guess I want my cake and eat it too :)

@ Flight – LOL! You get the best comment award!

@ Argent – Keep searching! It gets better and better.

@ Diomedies – Yes you can!
Sadly enough we are taught to take pills for everything from fatigue, stress, anxiety to chronic depression. Very few people can even do a simple mental relaxation when the stress wears them out.

@ Talon – I love when people say “I am bored, there is nothing to do!”
(I get that from my daughters – It drives me nuts!)

@ Psiplex – You are right, all great discoverers were ridiculed.
So all my heroes were at first just regular weird people :)

@ Sylvie – Funny, I have the same exact motto:
“You die the day you stop learning”
I guess great minds do, think alike :)

AngelBaby said...

It is true that we are always changing and that is because we are always learning and growing. Some people call it self discovery, I just call it a great adventure in life. Don't be to hard on yourself you are just learning who you really are and that is Love just pure Love.

Love and Blessings,

C. Om said...

Everybody is weird and everybody is 'crazy'! Of course these are just labels and we are all more alike in our differences than we may realize!

Great post!

heidi said...

i enjoy your blog...and if you are rambling that is fine with me. also i completely understand. i am interested in very similar things and i struggle with the same things. scattered thoughts and rambling blogs. i love your blog.

Buddha said...

@ Angel – I guess I have to learn unconditional love!

@ COm – Actually I rather be crazy than normal. Normal is boring!

@ Heidi – I look at it more like a challenge, a lesson to learn, growing pains…
I like it. It keeps my mind sharp and my spirit alive.
Thank you for your kind words :)

Brigit said...

I understand the frustration around thinking you've finally worked it out and then something happens, or you learn something new and everything changes. I guess it's a matter of remembering that 'change is inevitable.' Being a scatterbrain just means you've got lots of thoughts and ideas happening in there - an active and creative mind. Nothing wrong with that. You challenge and question. Nothing wrong with that either. As for comments and responses. I think most of us struggle with that. So most of us understand.