Sunday, March 22, 2009

On the human nature II

Did you know that your body comes with a personal doctor and its own complete drug factory?
It is called the immune system and it comes standard issue with every body.
Of course you know that, but did you know that there are tribes in the Amazon jungle that have no HMOs or PPOs and that there are yak herders in some Tibet mountains that have never seen a doctor in their entire life and live to be 120 years old?
OK. What about this one:
Do you realize that even with the best doctors and the best drugs money can buy, without your immune system you are as good as dead?
OK. Just checking!

So you think you are hype with the social propaganda?
Well let me ask you some more questions.

Did you know that your mind comes with a personal shrink and the best mind and mood altering drugs you will ever need?
Did you know that your soul comes with a personal priest and a personal church as well?
So how come you are still clinging to your bible and / or the holly scriptures?
Just wondering.

We were talking about the power of visualization a couple of posts before.
“Visualization” is just a fancy label we device to explain a mind process that we all poses.
Remember going on your first date?
Pacing through the room or in the front of the mirror rehearsing your lines and your moves?
Or maybe your first job interview.
Going in your mind through all the questions and all the possible answers?

Now, some smart guy has figure it out how that works and packaged the process as visualization or NLP or Life Scripting or any other BS label you may think of and is making a lot of money selling to you what you already have.
Of course you have been conditioned not to trust or use your God given gifts and abilities, because the Church and the Medical establishment has to make a profit some how.

This is how visualization works:
You have a flying phobia - for example – and want to get read of it.
You could higher somebody to take you by force on an airplane and repeat the process until the phobia is overcome – but you my suffer some other trauma in the process.
Or you can visualize yourself taking the plane and having a wonderful experience, until the phobia is overcome.
Practice makes perfect and the mind doesn't know the difference between a real plane and an imaginary one – some weird quality the human mind has.

This is how visualization does not work:
You imagine yourself having sex with the hottest woman you desire, or you imagine yourself getting the promotion you dream of.
You rehearse that in your mind until your confidence goes through the roof then you go for it.
You get rejected and you go down in flames with your confidence shattered to pieces.
Why? Doesn't practice makes perfect? Does not visualization work? Why can't we achieve world peace? Why oh why?

Rule number one:
The only thing you can change is your little self.
You can't visualize your dream girl's panties off!
You can't visualize your boss that hates your guts giving you a raise.
You can't visualize world peace.
Well, you of course you can but don't expect more than frustration and bad self confidence.

Now if you really want the girl of your dream, you should visualize yourself as funny and witty, as self confident and assertive, in other words imagine yourself as the guy of her dreams.
That might give you a chance at her heart and if not it would attract some one else to you.
If you still want that raise you should visualize yourself as the best employee -like the person that deserves a raise.
Of course if your boss hates your guts finding a new job would work much better than visualization.


Sylvie said...

"You can't visualize world peace."

I have to disagree with you on this one. If enough humans on earth desired, and visualized, world peace we'd have it. I think they're too caught up in us (the good guys) and them (the bad guys) to even truly desire it. They'd prefer to destroy than create.

A lot of the boots on the ground feel powerful, they don't know they're pawns. It's sad, and powerful brainwashing over thousands of years.

The rest is right on, though - honest, and a bit of a challenge for others to check their mental state :)

Stock Photography said...

Just wondering

Anonymous said...

Some folk are incredibly self-reliant and could do the things you suggest ... but not everyone is brought up the same way. Or has the faculties to achieve it. Also you would have to get institutions to start teaching the same techniques for everyone to learn ... I have trouble visualising that!

Psiplex said...

Visualization is a useful exercise but since it involves so much of the mind's real estate, the mind can produce some odd results that increase false outcomes. In this case, I try to use the present moment in stillness to acknowledge that the Source is getting it all done. While it may appear the opposite, the Source is working it out, nothing for a 'me' to do. I don't want a better 'me', I want to have the mind, descended into the heart realize the true Self and surrender to the Source. I cannot visualize anything positive coming about as a result of my false identity manufacturing a scenario.

Lea said...

Great post. I think some things to keep in mind is to try to be aware if ego is active in certain activities and goals. When goals and actions are ego based, the outcome is most certainly going to be connected to some form of unhappiness.

Another that can seem problematic and make people feel failure, is the time element. It can take anywhere from days to years to see the end result. Since we often are unable to see the tiny steps of progress along our journey, we think nothing is happening and quit.

As far as world peace, it takes time to change the world's collective mind set and it starts with the ripples from our own mind.

Love & blessings

Matthew Welsh said...

Yeah, I often wonder what the limits of visualization is. For example, you can't change what is like the stock market. But, you can visualize yourself picking good stocks and making money in the market...Like you said, it is a discipline that takes practice and I believe improves when we improve our consciousness or become stronger internally

molly said...

Thanks for the discussion on visualization, and the reminder to visualize myself as already where I want to be (not referring to the outside world). Great post.

Talon said...

The only person you can "control" is yourself. People expend a lot of energy trying to "control" other's actions.

Visualization is good, but without positive action it remains simply vision.

Another great post, Buddha.

Flight said...

There's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self.
We can't control other people , we can however inspire them by just being the change we want to see in this world . True change must come from within , otherwise we are just living out someone else's truth , and that's not as powerful as your own truth .

William Shakespeare:
"We know what we are, but know not what we may be."

Oskar said...

I don't agree on putting boundary on my thoughts because nothing is impossible, but human nature is still greed.

keep on using your holy wood ;)

Buddha said...

@ Sylvie – That’s what I wanted to say – the thing you said abut “us” and “them”
Thank you for clarifying it!

@ Shock – It is good to wonder!

@ Aggie – LOL – Yup, the system will not do it for us.
It is up to us to look for the truth.

@ Psiplex – That would be the ultimate goal, but also the hardest to achieve.
But smaller steps to improvement are not bad either just smaller.

@ Lea – I want to let go of my ego but my ego wouldn’t let go of me!

@ Mathew – Lots of practice, discipline and determination.
If it was easy we would live in paradise already :)
BTW – DJI up 500 points today. Did you do that?

@ Molly – I’m glad I could be of help :)

@ Talon – I always said “Change the world by changing yourself!”

@ Flight – We should “pull” not “push” the people we want to help.
Unwanted help is as bad as no help at all.

@ Oskar – If you have reached that level of understanding you should share your experience with us.
We – I am still struggling with overcoming my ego.

The Acolyte Tao said...

I have to agree with Sylvie, the only thing I disagree with is: "You can't visualize world peace."
Reason being, collective consciousness.
Other than that I couldn't agree more with what you said.

Flight said...

I don't think we should pull or push , more like clear the path and lead the way . When it becomes your own thoughts and not the thoughts of others , then and only then will it become your truth .

This takes more time then brute force , but it remains long after the strong are shone to be weak .

John Lennon said...

If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there'd be peace .

Flight said...

All we are saying is give peace a chance.

Buddha said...

@ Acolyte Tao – Human collective consciousness sucks!

@ Flight – By “pull” I mean extend /offer a helping hand as opposite to “push” as in force people to change – which never works!

@ John Lennon – Agree. We are all too deep in material stuff.
Spiritual revolution precludes peace.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

This is such an interesting topic that i will definately come back and re-read so that i can take it all in.

One thing that always strikes me as funny as how you can be walking down the street having a lovely day and then suddenly your brain gives you a good kicking over something stupid you did or said 20 years ago that you can never undo.

The scientific reason for this is that particularly strong memories probably required more chemical to be created and thus linger longer - but there must be a way to re-train your brain so that it accepts the positives too

Diego said...

There are two very important concepts in psychology (and Buddhism) that individuals should familiarise themselves with: mindfulness and concentration.

Mindfulness is the major mental state one uses when driving, a kind of "big picture" mentality.

Concentration is the major mental state one uses when, say, changing stations on the car radio.

Wide focus, narrow focus.

Visualisation uses these in a kind of mental test-lab. Some people have a better ability to fill in the picture, but anyone can do this. It just takes practice.

I am glad BuddhaofHollywood raises these issues because it gives me a chance to reassess my own state.

Thank you!

Gregorio said...

I enjoy these post a lot but I have to say I believe we can create anything we want.That is if it benefits the whole not just the self.Self improvement(overcome hate) yes,self benefit no(ie.get rich).If enough people visualize a positive thought,I believe it is heard by the universal conscience.In doing so it becomes a real manifestation in the world.Because there is so much negativity out there,it would take a lot of positive visualization by many individuals to overcome it.Difficult?Yes.Impossible?No.
Make a stand start to spread the love and kindness.

Buddha said...

@ Pixie – You mean the scientific hypothesis, because really we don’t know squat how the brain works :)

@ Diego – The narrow state is the state of “ego” when we are far away from the “one”

@ Gregorio – There is a renewed interest in spirituality today but we are still very far from an enlightened society.

Ted Bagley said...

There is no such thing as "Collective Consciousness".

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