Saturday, March 14, 2009


In trying to understand and explain my unexplainable behavior or to be more precise the behavior of my subconscious mind, I have come up with this new word “belief-emotion”
It is the way I see my mind working for me and if it differs from your experience let me know as this is a learning experience for me as well.

Not all beliefs are emotions and not all emotions are beliefs.
Some beliefs can become emotions – although emotion is a very poor word to express the complexity of what a belief-emotion is.

Let me give you an example of what I mean by that:
If you are a Christian then Allah would be a belief – you believe Allah is the God of Islam. So that concept of God for you is just information.
Same for Muslims, Jehovah would be just a concept, just information.

Now if you had an epiphany and found yourself in the presence of God your belief would change into a belief-emotion.
When you go through that transformation God is not a concept any longer and when faced with a concept of God – like we did in “Concepts of God” post series, you would realize “That is not the God I know!” because indeed, God is not a concept.

Belief-emotions are alive. They are for the mind what cells are for our body.
Belief-emotions are the language of our subconscious mind they are the decision makers in our life.

Once I knew a very good looking young woman with a very devastating illness; she was anorexic bulimic.
She had this belief-emotion that she was too fat, and no matter how much weight she lost she would still think of herself as fat.
Untreated this “obsessive compulsive” behavior can kill a person.
Thus is the power of a belief-emotion.

Note: Psychology treats this as a behavioral problem or disorder, but to me behavior is a symptom not a problem. Behavior just doesn’t happen.

Of course not all belief-emotions are negative. As I mention earlier God can be a belief-emotion and when people use it can be a life changing experience.
All twelve step programs work on the basis of the God belief-emotion.
We are talking about people with addiction problems.
The way to psychologically address the addiction problem is to surrender your problem to a higher authority “God”

This might sound to a non believer as a lot of bologna but there are practically millions of people that had their life changed because of that belief. It doesn’t matter that God is a belief-emotion in your mind – or as non believers say “it is not real” so it is “anorexia nervosa” but that wouldn’t stop it from killing you!


Liara Covert said...

The ego views beliefs and emotions as instrinsic to the core self whereas the soul views these things as illusions that obscure the underlying truth. A period of conemplation suggests a being has not yet detached from emotion. The answer is to uncover what stands in the way of unconditional acceptance and love. Dissolve that.

Flight said...

I'm one of those non-believers .
I can't deny the fact that something some energy or power binds us with ALL life . But the concept of a God or even a few Gods has never spoken truth to me . I would rather like to think that all of us , all humans all dogs , all cats , and so on are Gods in there own right .

So as for your question ; I don't mix emotion with belief . I have found that our emotions have a way of clouding the truth . As Jesus said " The truth shall set you free ", for me it has . Emotions left unchecked can turn us into slaves . I'm not saying emotions should be left out of the thought equation but we should check to see where they come from , if from within or from others belief-emotion .

Quantum_Flux said...

Fine, whatever, so long as an orgasm is more than just a mere "belief emortion". In fact, I know it is. Nothing, no religion in the world, no drug in the world can calm somebody in quite the same way as sex can. Perhaps, love can be considered a belief-emotion? Well, I love chocolate and I love girls, I perfectly know those are real things too.

C. Om said...

Neo says: I thought the Matrix wasn't real.

Morpheus says: Your mind makes it real.

Nuff said. :)

molly said...

Is a belief-emotion an experience?

For me the all-that-is-or-ever-was, God if you wil, is the truth, and something I've experienced. Not a belief or concept, as you describe. So, then, could your belief-emotion be equated to an experience?

Talon said...

Another really thought provoking and interesting post. "belief-emotion" is an interesting concept.

Buddha said...

@ Liara - What is the underlying truth?

@ Flight – I am having problems with my emotions as well.
Knowledge is power and the truth shall set you free.
I am searching for that truth!

@ Quantum – Love would be definitively a belief-emotion because it makes us act – many times out of our reasonable control.

@ COm – If beliefs and emotions are just transitory illusions, then enlightenment and everything else are as well just an illusion. Why then bother having the experience?
On the other hand if you are right and this is real because I am making it real, then my experience is not meaningless and therefore I have to make the best out of it. IMO

@ Molly – I am not talking about God I am talking about things that make our subconscious tick, like; self esteem, fears, anxieties, courage, love, hate etc.

@ Talon – Feel free to drop in any personal thoughts :)

C. Om said...

"On the other hand if you are right and this is real because I am making it real, then my experience is not meaningless and therefore I have to make the best out of it."
Yeah, this is more of what I meant. Also, your experience is always real regardless if the stimulus is illusory or not. Embracing and making the best out of it leads to enlightenment.

mickael said...

names, names.. they distract, don't you think? :)

human mind keeps no great secrets. really-really! yet, while there is belief, many great mysteries it keeps.

an old fool has no patience for them. :)

good luck.

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This might sound to a non believer as a lot of bologna but there are practically millions of people that had their life changed because of that belief.