Thursday, August 6, 2009


“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.”
Albert Einstein

What I like about science is the belief in searching for truth no matter what.
Although some scientist are looking into the canonization of science and have declared some truths absolute, therefore unquestionable, taking science a first step towards scientific dogma.

Religion used to be propelled by the same search for the truth.
Jesus and Buddha were truth seekers and their revelations were revolutionary at that time.
Although over time all religions have become dogmas.
Now days all religions are declared absolute. There is no more searching for the truth and any questioning of the dogma is deemed heresy.

But what we have in term of spiritual knowledge today is 2000 years old.
What once was revolutionary today is obsolete.
Who is the moron that still believes God is a white bearded man sitting on a golden throne in the clouds, surrounded by angels?
If that was the case, we would have angels sucked in jet turbines daily and by now some 747 would have knocked God down of his throne for sure.

The spiritual experience we had 2000 years ago was written in the language and the knowledge constrains of that time.
The spiritual experience we are having today is not suitably explained any longer by that language and that knowledge.
Religion has become a prison for the truth an obstacle against spiritual development.

I don’t blame any of the atheists that are making fun of us for believing in the “boogie man” I actually agree with half of what they have to say.
Now, the problem with so called scientists is that they continue to see reality one sided.
Only the material world is real. The spiritual world is not real therefore not worth even talking about it.

In this scientific materialistic world everything from homosexuality to obesity is explained through DNA mutations.
Un happiness and low self esteem are just chemical unbalances and can be cured by magic pills.
You don’t need love, gratitude, tolerance, generosity or any of the BS meditation crap anymore because according to them happiness comes in a pill.

But as the scientific zombification of the general population continues many of the formerly believers in the “happiness pill” have come to the realization that the real spiritual, human experience can not be replaced by a pill.
As, I may add, many religious followers of the church doctrine have come to the realization that fear of eternal damnation and the milk and honey of the promised heaven are not enough to replace a fulfilling human experience either.

We are in the middle of a spiritual crisis.
On one hand religion will not accept the fact it is obsolete.
On the other hand science will not accept spirituality as a fact.
So the only thing that is left is to look through the rubble of scientific data and the dirt of religious scriptures for the few diamonds of truth.
We have to paste together all the knowledge of the past with the emerging knowledge of today and come up with a better understanding of our reality and our human experience.

Until that coherent new understanding will arise people like me will be considered nut jobs, heretics, quacks, charlatans, ego maniacs, schizophrenic, freaks.
But that is OK, it is the company I choose to keep and I understand why many will look at me that way.


Quantum_Flux said...

BOH says: You don’t need love, gratitude, tolerance, generosity or any of the BS meditation crap anymore because according to them happiness comes in a pill.

I don't believe that. Why take a pill when you can get happiness for free? Besides that, emotions and how people react with each other are both grounded in our evolutionary makeup of key importance in business strategy.

BOH says: Until that coherent new understanding will arise people like me will be considered nut jobs, heretics, quacks, charlatans, ego maniacs, schizophrenic, freaks.

Well, the human mind generates many delusions and fantasies, even for atheists. Sometimes my mind, for instance, gets a great new idea about how to do something but then it all falls apart under further scrutiny. I feel a great sense of liberation whenever I shatter my own self delusions, almost like I'm no longer bogged down by something based in fantasy. Rule of thumb, most great ideas that occur are probably delusions, but every once in a while a jackpot great idea comes along that actually works, and that is as sweet as honeycomb.

Lydia said...

As always, you have written a thoughtful and (for me, at least) logically-stated post.
A few days ago I installed Scoutle on my blog after seeing it at YogaforCynics. Evidently, it scours the blogosphere for blogs similar to your own. I'm uncomfortable with the fact that it's tied me with a few atheist blogs, because I believe in God. It's my rants against organized religion, especially fundamentalism, that have placed me in that category (it brought YogaforCynics up also). You might want to try it and see what transpires, in light of your final paragraph!

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

Actually - a friend of mine posed an interesting question regarding your point about would we change our ways if we knew definately that God existed.

We all kind of assumed that you meant a beneavolent God, but what if the God that showed up was Shiva or Zeus or even the Old Testament God - ready for some good old fashioned smiting of the unbeliever? If God arrived and had some very definite ideas how we should behave then that brings a whole new dimension to the equation.

They often say that science and religion are mutually exclusive (God himself said "I refuse to prove i exist, for proof denies faith and without faith i am nothing" - though the Scientologists seem to be intent on providing that "proof")

Science looks for answers why thing exist - but if they found a chemical explanation for why we have a soul would that make it any less unique or special?

I do agree that we are in a spiritual crisis - I think because we've isolated ourselves from the world we were meant for (IE hunting, eating and procreating) we can feel confused by a world that is ever more experienced from a computer, but i don't agree that science is necessarily the enemy - it may actually set us free to explore the spiritual and who knows, maybe one day Science will provide final proof that there IS a God??

Talon said...

Spirituality and religion are not married in my life, but seem to be completely entwined in general.

At least science continues to search for answers.

Buddha said...

@ Quantum – Great video! Thank you for sharing it!

@ Lydia – Atheists are not bad people!
Of course they have some ignorant assholes but so every other human group :)
Let me know how the Scoutle thing works out for you.

@ Pixie – Great, great comment.
It has inspired me to write more on spirituality.
Thank you!

@ Talon – The problem is that the church has turned from being the spiritual shepherd into being a money making business and religion has become just a corrupted business tool.

Mariana Soffer said...

Very intersting post here is something I wrote:
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and you can read this post, with the coments that are very good

Lydia said...

O, I didn't mean that I thought atheists are bad people. Not at all. A few of my closest friends are atheists. I'd trust an atheist over a fundamentalist any day!
I just meant that it rather shocked me that this program would so quickly scan my blog and set it in that category.

Buddha said...

@ Mariana – I think everybody will agree with me and thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

@ Lydia – Oh I see! That makes more sense now.
Yup; automated programs will do that.
You could have ended up in an even more inappropriate group.
I hope they have a way of manually correct that.
I was considering joining too but now I can see myself getting into trouble.
Let me know how it works out OK?