Friday, July 31, 2009


Take a piece of paper and a pen for a short quiz.
Write down the answers to these two questions
Put them in a safe place no one can see them.
Be as honest as possible. Don’t cheat, – you are cheating yourself :)

If you would have the absolute proof and certitude that God doesn’t exist.
That there is no heaven and hell after death.
No judgment day, no price to pay, just death and nothing more.
Would you start to cheat and steal, would you stop to pray?
Or would you live your life just the same way you are living your life today?

What if God in person and his full glory would pop up in front of you and say:
“Here I am, look at me, take a picture, touch me, hold me and know that I am.”
Would you stop wanting more, would you stop judging and holding grudges?
Would you drop in your knees and start to pray.
Would you live your life any different, or would you stay the same?

Write down as much as possible of what is in your mind right now.
Let a couple of days to go by and then revisit your answers.
See if you can tell if you were honest or not.
See how you feel about it.

Take the test again in a couple of weeks.
Compare notes.
Has anything changed in your answers?
Has anything changed in your life?

Then you are evolving :)

Then you are extremely, incredibly enlightened.
Or most likely, extremely, incredibly ignorant.

Wishing you a great weekend.


Quantum_Flux said...


scruffy said...

I would worship God if it means that there is worldwide peace and prosperity. If the world would listen to reason instead of being lead astray by appeal to emotion. If people look at the numbers, take what they need, produce more than they take, and leave the world in a more orderly and better condition than when they got here. Although I don't believe God or Buddha are necessary for doing it.

Talon said...

I'll revisit my initial answers in a few weeks.

But the one thing that won't change is who I am and what I know I can live within inside of me.

Have a fabulous weekend, Buddha!

brigit said...

What if God has already popped up in front of us, saying “Here I am, look at me, take a picture, touch me, hold me and know that I am.” but we just don't see, hear or understand.

Mariana Soffer said...

question1: I would live my life exactely the same, since I do not pray, I do nont have to stop doing it. But I will keep trying to make this world a better place by helping others mainly.
I would keep living my life the same way, but with a little more hope and faith about the future. I wouldn t ask anything to god that is for sure, it seems nonsense to do that. It will make me wanna be a better person with more strength.

AngelBaby said...

I would live my life the same today as I did yesterday and enjoy it immensely! Life is a journey, what an adventure it is!

Love and Blessings,

Diego said...

I am always trying to change my life, hopefully for the better.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

I've always said that the interesting question about God is not whether you believe that he/she exists, but whether you feel that he/she is the kinda person you would want to worship: and based on many of his followers i'd have to say no.

But absolute proof either way? Much as we say that we should live our lives as if there is no heaven/hell and make the best of it i think that absolute proof would affect us all, regardless of enlightenend status.

But would i drop down and worship him? I'd like to think no - coz i'd have some pretty serious questions to ask...

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

and bridget - that is a fantastic question :)

Brooks Hall said...

Just the reminder of death in question 1 makes me want to live better, more honestly and so on. I want to have quality experiences while I'm alive. No more fooling around!

Buddha said...

@ Quantum – He,he,he!

@ Scruffy – We want God to be our genie in a bottle, just to grant our wishes but we want to keep our free will – doing what we want – as well.
I think we want the cake and eat it too :)

@ Talon – You are not the same person you were yesterday!
One thing I am sure of is “change”

@ Brigit – Oh how I love your comment!
I wish more people would think like that.

@ Mariana – I love your honesty.
You are a wonderful human being :)

@ Angel – Enjoy your journey!
I’m right behind you ;)

@ Diego – It will change for the better as long as you don’t get scared and give up!

@ Pixie – Consider and think about this:
Religion and church are not God.
God has neither religion nor church. Humans do!

@ Brooks – I had the same revelation some time ago.
My life has changed in better since and keeps on getting even better.
Changing one self is the toughest challenge ever but it can be done :)

YogaforCynics said...

Question 1: I don't know.
Question 2: I don't know.
If my answers change or not, does this mean I'm evolving, enlightened, or ignorant? I don't know...and I kinda doubt anybody else does, either...

Quantum_Flux said...

My answer, eh it's been long enough:

(1) Lying and cheating only if it's necessary to make a living. (2)It wouldn't change anything if there was absolute proof of God's absense, I already don't believe in God and still haven't found any sort of dishonest lifestyle necessary as of yet.

(3) A proof of God wouldn't make me stop doing anything, however (4) if God came out of his hiding place and revealed himself in a scientifically sound manner then I'd order more testing on God to see how it functions. Perhaps that would open up some business opportunities for society depending on what sort of magic tricks or services we can exploit out of God in order to sell in exchange for money, assuming God's not an individual or a communist. (5) Perhaps I'd pray to God or something assuming that's even how it works, or perhaps God works in exchange for high fives or perhaps God has some other sort of user interface that nobody has even explored yet.