Monday, July 27, 2009

Knowledge & Truth

If you think you know, there is no way to see the truth.

We’ve some how drifted into a metaphysical discussion. (Which was not my initial intention :)
But the discussion has generated some buzz.
People are getting involved, there are pro and con, brilliant arguments, and there is excitement and interest.
(We even managed to keep the dialog civil and respectful :)

This discussion is not new; it has started hundreds or thousands of years ago.
It has started with the earth at the center of the universe and evolved along the way with new ideas, with people that questioned the conventional wisdom and broke through dogma and ignorance.
What is the truth about the universe around us?
How does it work?

For hundreds of years the questions have been the same.
The only thing that has changed and will continue to change is how we see the universe.
The only thing that has changed and is changing is US.

This is not about the universe, about what it is and how it works.
We knew the answers thousands of years ago when we started our journey into reason.
The universe is “that it is” and it works “the simplest way possible”
But that is not what we want to hear, isn’t it?

We don’t want to know the universe!
(If you want to know it, go out tonight look at the stars and say “Hi universe! Nice to know you!”)
We want to control the universe; we want it to respond to our will, we want to be Gods!
This is pretty much what the “scientific revolution” is all about.

What we know is not changing the way the universe is or works.
What we know changes what we are and how we work.

But I am not a scientist. I am a dreamer.
For me the universe is like a lover, like a woman!
Every fact about it fascinates me, and I would like to know as much as possible about it.
But in the end I love the mystery more than the knowledge.
Because the universe like a woman was not made to be deciphered but to be loved.


Mariana Soffer said...

Given that you mention the scientist I have the following text that thought might interest you (I like yours a lot):The Dalai Lama said Buddhists and scientists have something in common -- they both seek to dispel ignorance with knowledge, gained from experimentation and investigation. They are both trying to find reality.

"There is much work to be done to integrate the various fragments of life and its general understanding through interdisciplinary inquiry, and no one intellectual discipline alone can fulfill this need," said Tenzin Priyadarshi, the future Institute's director.

The Dalai Lama's stated that "Up to now, science mainly dealt with external things, while the Buddhist tradition is to analyze and investigate our inner world and to transform it. There is potential in working together,"

Buddha said...

@ Maria - Thank you for being my friend!
I do not blog on weekends since I am trying to spend more time with my kids.
So I am only now answering to my old post.
Yes, I totally agree. We need science, spirituality and art to stop fighting and come together into a more humane view of nature and society – before we ruin this planet beyond repair and bring humanity to extinction.

Ted Bagley said...

Your post is the "truth" part expressing something that is concealed in the form of a conflict not seen on the surface of your speaking. The comments express the revealing of the conflict in what was formerly concealed before your post.
"Knowledge" is the seeing what is left after going through the revealed conflict to the end. The remainder of what was "not" there to start with.
Does that make sense? Maybe someone can clean it up?

Quantum_Flux said...

Perhaps the universe is to be deciphered and loved. That optimizes the function of both of our brain lobes.

Quantum_Flux said... more thought here. The Universe wasn't "made" for us humans. Although we've evolved the capacity to understand abstract physical concepts, invent things with that acquired knowledge, and to interact with other humans and with other living creatures on an emotional basis. Those are all evolved functions of the human species. Perhaps a fish would have a different perspective of why the universe was "made"...perhaps the entire Universe was made so that fish could swim in schools and avoid predators while experiencing the fulfilling enjoyment of eating juicy worms and laying eggs.

Talon said...

I like knowing I'll pass from this planet still wondering, still questioning and still searching...

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

A couple of thoughts on the Universe from the sadly departed genius of Douglas Adams:

The universe is infinately big - you may think it's a long way to the shops and back, but that's peanuts to the universe

The chances of life existing on a specific planet are finite, the universe is infinite - any finite number divided by infinity is as close to nothing as you can get - so everyone you know is therefore imaginary and logically doesn't exist!

I agree with your comment that we need that mystery to survive - did you know about 80% of the universe is composed of Strange and Dark matter - just more words to say "we don't know"

Quantum_Flux said...

I use my knowledge for (1) inventing things and (2) winning arguments.

Buddha said...

@ Pixie – I love that:
- did you know about 80% of the universe is composed of Strange and Dark matter - just more words to say "we don't know"

@ Quantum – I use my imagination for (1) inventing things (2) starting arguments :)