Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Divided we fall

If you have 6 minutes to spend I would like you to watch this:

You turn on the TV and you see the Amazon forest being burned to the ground.
You see tanks rolling, bullets flying, airplanes dropping bombs on villages and cities.
You see corporations making billion of dollars in profit while children in the world are dying of starvation and disease.
And you ask yourself what a person like me can do against all this?
And the answer is simply: “Nothing”

I am sorry if I sound insulting to those of you that call themselves pacifists, environmentalists or any kind of activist for noble causes, but you are just kidding yourselves if you think you have a chance of wining your battle.
You can’t stop the rolling of tanks and bombers.
You can’t save the rain forests and the whales.
Because you can’t stop billion dollar corporation from making billion dollar profits.

As long that you only continue your fight to save the trees and the children, the whales, the air and the water, you are always going to lose.
I wish some how I had the power to change your mind, to make you see that this battle is not about whales and trees but about human minds and souls.
The ones that control the minds of the people are the ones that control the world.
To save anything you have to first liberate the people, to break the chains off their mind and souls.

We all call ourselves democrats, republicans or liberals.
We are Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, pacifists, environmentalists, pro life, pro choice, gay, straight, middle class or working class, white, black, Hispanic or oriental.

How many of you think of themselves as the consciousness of the universe?
How many of you feel and think: I am two eyes of a 14 billion eyes seeing.
I am one mouth of 7 billion moths taking.
I am the thought and consciousness of this planet.

This is how far we have to go.
But it would be nice even if we just realize that we have been divided and pitted against each other.
If for a moment we would look at each other and not see enemies but human beings.
If we would stop for a moment from accusing and fighting each other, join our forces and turn that energy in solving our problems.
We could solve any problem, no matter how daunting.


Talon said...

Why are simple things so complicated?

Mariana Soffer said...

This reminded me of a song from pink floyd, the one that the lyrics say the same that the title of your post, and also of a story where there was a young guy who had to break stick, so he grabs a bunch of them an he is unable to do it, but when he divdes them in small parts he does it easily, it is a fable indeed

Quantum_Flux said...

Life is war against nature which is trying to kill life off. It is quite remarkable that life has had the winning streak against extinction that it has had on this planet. It is, indeed, the multibillion dollar corporations that are the anomoly within the anomaly that is the human race that is the anomoly within life on this planet that is the anomoly within planets in the solar system, within the galaxy, perhaps within galaxy clusters. Or perhaps life and perhaps intelligence is much more common than that, who really knows?

Anyhow, people should be happy that we've gotten this far. If we go much further then that will be an anomoly too. Can we, honestly, pull it off? Why not! Optimistically, we've got 5 billion years to haul ass out of this solar system before nature tries once again to do us in by going nova, and pessimistically we blow ourselves up with nukes the day after tomorrow.

Don't Feed The Pixies said...

I read somewhere that if it were left to nature there would only be about 1million humans worldwide - but the fact that we've changed the world to suit ourselves means there's billions of us

Sending money to save the whale is probably so much pissing into the wind - but i think that you'd agree that it's better to try and to fail than not to try at all.

On the subject of liberation we come back to the issue of power: exactly what would change if someone else got into power? What if the Green Party were elected tomorrow? They would find the same problems with economy and employment etc that every other party finds and nothing much would change.

On a final note i heard that there is some mineral on the moon that, if mined correctly, a few grains of it can fuel everything on the planet for a year...

So there's a danger of big wars breaking out over who owns the moon and can rape it the way we've screwed over our own planet.

Nice to know we're planning ahead...

Ted Bagley said...

"Divided We Fall" exposes the truth of "Unity".

Joe Clement said...

"As long that you continue your fight to save the trees and the children, the whales, the air and the water, you are always going to lose."

Reminds me of O'Brien to Winston in 1984:

"If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever."

It also reminds me of the Buddha's charioteer during His four visions.

Lindsay said...

This video made me cry and at the same time feel glad because there is a new generation of people being born onto this earth. They are more open, more enlightened, and they are not like the generations currently here. Inigo, crystal, whatever you like to call them, they are here, clearly, as this video shows. Thanks for sharing the love - Karmalized Girl

Buddha said...

@ Talon – Things are simple – we complicate them!

@ Mariana – Yup! That’s the idea :)

@ Quantum - I believe we are going to make it in the end – the question is; at what price?

@ Pixie – That is a very good point:
Maybe the problem is not pollution and lack of resources but overpopulation.

@ Ted – Yup! The oneness :)

@ Joe – I have changed that to “As long that you only…” The idea being that that alone will not fix the problem.
We have seen the “boot” in the past and we will see it again – IMO

@ Lindsay – We need better human beings to clean up this mess; for sure.

Rich Dansereau said...

I believe that lots of people realize the interconnectedness of all things. While many people have become despondent in their belief that they can affect change an article such as this is important to remind people that change is possible. It would be ideal if 'everyone would open their eyes and see the truth' but even the largest of tsunamis starts with a ripple.

Quantum_Flux said...

Economics + Morality (of survivalism), what's your policy?