Friday, June 30, 2017

The Atheist Fallacy

I was watching a YouTube video of stand-up comedian Jim Jefferies.  BTW the guy is pretty good IMO.
Half way through his routine he announced that he has converted to atheism. Then he proceeds to do a series of God jokes.
The jokes were pretty funny but what made them even funnier, for me, was his pompous righteousness.
The guy actually believes he’s right, that he had figured it all out and he got all the right answers.

I don’t have permission to publish his jokes but for exemplification, I have made one myself. It goes like this:

If God was a real being living on a golden throne up in the sky surrounded by flying angels and cherubims, we would have people driving around airports carrying buckets of BBQ sauce eating all those fried wings coming down from the sky.

I know, it is not very funny but it gives an idea about the standup routine I am talking about.
The underlying of all that funny stuff was that God doesn’t actually exist.
But coming from a guy that pretends to be a logical, rational, scientifically mind the argument is totally bogus.

Let’s take this argument:
Bananas grow in the clouds in the sky.
Let’s make the counter argument:
People are flying all over the world and nobody has ever seen bananas growing in the clouds.
Bananas do not exist.
The fallacy:
Bananas do exist, I actually have a couple in my kitchen right now.

To understand where this fallacy comes from we have to look at the background of an atheist.
They are people coming from a religious background. People that have been told all their lives that God exists and the Bible is the work and word of God and therefore the proof of God’s existence.

While some people accept that unconditionally, some people look at the Bible with a rational, logical mind and find a plethora of contradictions and inconsistencies. The result is they start to doubt God’s existence and eventually they become atheists.

Here is another possible explanation:
God has no religion. God has no church. God has no bible.
Religion, church and the Bible are all made up, and they prove nothing except the human ignorance.

Once you make that distinction, that God, church, and religion are not one and the same you have little to none ground to stand on.
That is because logically, rationally and scientifically you cannot prove God doesn’t exist.
You can only prove that things exist.

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