Friday, June 23, 2017

Don't push!

Oh, the joy of spirituality!
The wakening up to the realization that life doesn’t have to be a struggle, that the world can be a wonderful place and we all can be enlightened beings.
I remember the days of my youth when my eyes started to open.

I was all excited, like a kid on the Christmas day discovering a trove of presents under the Christmas tree.
The joy was overflowing and I wanted to share my newly acquired treasure with the entire world.
I wanted everybody to know about it. I wanted everybody to practice it and benefit from it.
I wanted to make the world a better place.

Little did I know…
The world doesn’t want spirituality and enlightenment.
Everybody is saying they are looking for enlightenment and happiness but the world wants what it wants and most of the time that is heartache and misery.

I saw the suffering in people around me and I approached them with a friendly advice, with understanding and love.
They wouldn’t listen to me or pretended to but then take my advice and throw it away like a piece of spoiled food, unappetizing and undesirable.

I thought maybe their distrust me because they didn’t know me and they would be suspicious by a stranger’s intentions.
So I talked to my friends, to the people that new me and new my intentions.
But the result was pretty much the same.

Nobody is interested in bettering themselves.
People cling to their misery and their problems like a precious heirloom.
Their pain and suffering is a badge of honor and they expect the world to admire and praise their suffering.

Trying to liberate them from that suffering is like trying to take away their life meaning.
If you tell them to change they will ask you to accept the way they are instead.
If you tell them there is a solution they will tell you, you do not understand their problem.
If you push them, they will resist and push back.

So don’t push!

I know it sounds simple and logical but our instinct is to help out, to push, not to sit back and let the disaster unfold in front of our eyes without interfering.
Never the less that is the proper thing to do. Acting by nonacting,
Waiting for the people to ask for help, before offering your help.

Don’t push! – Pull!
Do you think that’s easy to do?

I have a lot of friends that are still very unhappy about the presidential election.
Do you think they are waiting for the disaster to unfold before they act, or do you think they are pushing as hard as they can to change what was already done?

Do you think the pushing is working, that they are conquering and changing anybody’s mind?
Or do you think they are just creating more resentment and animosity?
I’m not suggesting an advice because I know nobody will listen. I’m just curious.

But don’t push.

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