Friday, June 9, 2017

Faith and Control

"To have faith is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don't grab hold of the water because if you do you will sink and drown. Instead, you relax and float."
            - Alan Watts

The continuous dialog between Ego and I, the continuous debate between control and faith rages on like a wildfire searing both flesh and soul with its blaze.
The battle continues. The fortune of victory is constantly changing sides.
One day faith, optimism, and hope reign for a moment, the next day fear, and despair open the doors to the reign of control.
(It is pretty much like the political arena of our days.)

The ego needs to be in control because it perceives itself alone against the universe.
Alone in a hostile environment, the Ego has to survive and to survive it needs to control events and people. The reason it is his main weapon, and what a mighty weapon it is.

We can reason any action no matter how absurd or immoral it may be.
Ego has devised the MAD doctrine.  Mutual Assured Destruction. Which basically states if you attack me I will kill everyone so no one can win.

Hell is paved with good intentions.
Ego has started wars and genocides all with very good reasons, or what it has perceived a good reason at the time. In the end reason leads always to failure.

Control is a myth. You cannot control anything, you cannot even control yourself.
Control seems reasonable because it employs ignorance as its basis.
We think of control on a localized scale. I can control a person or I can control a certain situation and it may even work, for a short period of time.
The problem is that all people and events are intertwined.

As you attempt to control anything you will find our pretty soon that you sphere of control has to expand. It is because everybody and everything is connected.
So if you want to control a person or event you have to control also the other people and events that are competing to control and manipulate the situation on their own benefit.
So the situation escalates until you run out of stamina and resources and the situation gets out of control

Control is a myth because in order to control anything you have to control the whole universe.
The only alternative left when you run out of control is faith.

Faith is the natural state of our higher self, of I.
I is the manifestation and materialization of the infinite intelligence that is the one source of all.
I is never disconnected, never lacking, never ignorant, never fearful.

When we perceive our live as a raft caught in the current of a raging river, the Ego tries to take control.
The Ego rationalizes that the only way out is by fighting the river, by going against the flow.

The I, recognizes there is no river.
There is only one. One is the river and I and the flow is mine.
The I flows with the river and the river flows back to the ocean.

Is the faith above all reason.
We all return to the source.
Our rivers, no matter the course, will always return to the ocean.

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