Friday, April 3, 2009

Am I paranoid?

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”
George Santayana

It is very hard to look at your own life with absolute objectivity but I have notice that my life has a funny way of repeating the same scenario over and over again until I learn my mistakes and then the cycle stops.
I don’t know if your experience is the same or if you have any friends like that but it looks to me that history it’s repeating itself with each individual and with each generation.

That in itself, might not be such a bad thing.
We need to learn some how in order to grow.
But here is my question:
We have made such huge technological advancements as species, to the point that we can destroy or save the whole planet.
Can we afford to repeat the same mistakes our past generations have made?

I use not to think much about the future of the planet – it was always more about me and my life – but since I have become a father some profound change has taking place – I believe at hormonal level – I have become very susceptible to the pledge of others distress. I got that what people call “a maternal instinct”
And I am not talking about people only, but animal, plant and the mineral world as well.
Could it be also my Buddhist meditation practice has become more profound, more attuned about the same time?
I do not know exactly but certainly I have changed.

The reason I ‘m bringing in my meditation is because during my practice I have been receiving this emotional warning of catastrophic change.
I know what you are thinking “here goes another one of those impending doom, end of the world prophecies” but it is not a prophecy, it is just a feeling.
My heart is restless and my soul is troubled, but not for my self.
I am an old fart, I really don’t care if I die or not – I have lost that fear a long time ago!

I have a restless need to search, to learn, to act and to change.
I wish my emotions were clearer in what I have to do, but never the less I have to keep on going wherever my journey takes me.
Am I on a brink of a profound change?
Does anybody else feels the way I feel - that a profound shift in human consciousness is about to happen - or am I just paranoid?


Diego said...

Something is being shaken up, of that I am very sure. I do not think you are paranoid.

Aggie said...

You are not mistaken. It's make or break time for the whole world.

Barry said...

Of course, profound shifts of human consciousness happen from moment to moment. When we study the mind, we see that each moment brings something totally new.

So this sense of impending transformation could be a result of a deep shift in your practice.

Or it could be an awareness of a major shift in cultural behaviors and attitudes.

Who knows? But it's not paranoid to simply observe the feeling or awareness. If you act on that feeling, however, you might be delusional or paranoid.

Feelings are just feelings. They come and go just like thoughts. We can enjoy them, just as we enjoy passing clouds.

Sylvie said...

Many, many people feel this. So at least you are not alone. Of course, newspapermen and politicians have been pushing doom for the last century or so - one to make money, the other to get power.

If you're looking for advice on what to do with it, which you probably aren't, I would say remember NOW - there is only now, so make all you can of it. In the now you are powerful.

Also, remember Shiva and Shakti - for rebirth you must first experience death.

C. Om said...

Change is a constant. But at times it can happen a lot quicker than others.

I feel a shift myself though. You're not p'noid.

Ted Bagley said...

Looks as though there is a repetition going on. You must be paranoid.

Talon said...

Paranoid? Doubtful. Probably just listening harder and taking more information in. And at this time in our history on the planet, the information we're gathering isn't great.

AngelBaby said...

I think the change is going to be for the better. Society as a group seems to be moving in a more spiritual direction. I think the change that is predicted for the year 2012 is going to be a shift of the population to a spiritual awakening. Any change bring discomfort at first because it is new so you are probable feeling that and it is not bad at all you just need to get used to the new.

I have something for you at my site so come and see.

Love and Blessings,

Brigit said...

No, Buddha I don't think you're paranoid. I think we all know a shift needs to happen, and maybe that is part of what you are feeling - that need for it to happen. That energy that everyone is feelling - that something has to change.

Ted Bagley said...

Maybe if decisions were made with a paranoid mind in the first place a lot of the so called problems we're in would be there in the first place.
Thinking that something not so good might happen as a result of my actions is a bit paranoid, ya gotta admit.